Exhibition Calendar

R.A. Gray Lobby

22nd Floor Capitol Gallery
Through January 31, 2015

Out My Backdoor Art Exhibition

"Outburst" by Susan MartinNow on display in the 22nd Floor Capitol Gallery is a Florida-themed exhibition by seven Brevard County visual artists entitled “Out My Backdoor.” Working within the theme of Florida-inspired work but in a wide variety of media and styles, the group has produced an exciting offering. Marilyn Cook takes subtle, dream-like photographs; Nancy Baur Dillen paints fantasy seascapes and imaginary characters in oil; Lydia Friedland produces large, exuberant textiles out of unlikely materials; Carol Garutti invites the viewer into intimate and colorful abstract digital compositions; Susan Martin immerses the viewer in vibrant acrylic close-ups of tropical foliage; Ellen Pavlakos creates elegant, classically-styled bronzes; and Jean Thomas interprets the influences of water upon us with its colors, motion and changing appearance. 

Gallery for Innovation and the Arts

Through December 31, 2014

La Florida:  500 Years in the Place of Flowers

500 years flowers.jpgBy John Moran and the Florida Wildflower Foundation

This touring photo exhibit, "La Florida: 500 Years in the Place of Flowers," commemorates the natural history and culture of our state, which Juan Ponce de Leon named in 1513. Roughly translated, La Florida means place or land of flowers.  The display includes 15 glorious large-format photos by nature photographer John Moran, perfectly illustrating the timeless beauty of Florida's native wildflowers. 

Museum of Florida History

Through April 5, 2015

Civil Rights in the Sunshine State

Civil Rights in the Sunshine StateThrough artifacts, videos, interactive elements, and narratives, visitors can explore the significant contributions Florida made to the state and national civil rights movement. The Museum of Florida History produced Civil Rights in the Sunshine State in collaboration with multiple universities, organizations, and individuals. Many of the photographs on display are from the State Archives of Florida, and there are artifacts from across the state, loaned from organizations such as the Ritz Theatre and Museum in Jacksonville, HistoryMiami, Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Cultural Center, ACCORD Civil Rights Museum, Stetson Kennedy Foundation, and Meeks-Eaton Black Archives and Museum at Florida A&M University.

Cabinet Meeting Room

Until Removed

Photography by Don Browning

"Walk on Water," photograph, 24" x 31"The artwork was donated to the Department of State Art Collection in 2007 and commemorated the establishment of a Wading Birds Rookery Sanctuary.