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Exhibition Calendar

22nd Floor Capitol Gallery

Through June 15, 2015

It Happened in the Everglades

Paintings by Elizabeth Thompson


Elizabeth Thompson was artist in Residence at Everglades National Park in 2007, and lived with alligators, pythons, scorpions and the occasional panther as neighbors. She says the scariest part of the experience became the best part: being truly alone and cut off. This solidified the connection with her surroundings, and quieted the noise that comes from everyday life in one’s head.

Elizabeth Thompson lives in Ocean Ridge Florida, New York, and Paris. Her work has been shown at numerous national and international institutions including the Norton Museum of Art, Palm Beach, FL; McKay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX; and the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Image:  No Parking,  Oil on Canvas, 59” x 80”          


Gallery for Innovation and the Arts

Through May 29, 2015

Our Beautiful Waters

By Edie Widder and Steve Bernstein

undefinedEdie Widder is a deep-sea explorer and MacArthur Fellow who specializes in the study of bioluminescence (the light chemically produced by fireflies and many ocean organisms).  Steve Bernstein is An accomplished scientist and inventor. His work has ranged from exploring the secrets of marine bioluminescence in deep-sea submersibles to developing and working with robotics and imaging techniques in medical research.  For this dynamic exhibition, Dr Edie Widder provided Steve with raw images of deep sea animals, which he was able to transform into true works of art. The integrity of the animal has been retained, but Steve's imagination and technique has imbued his work with incredible color, intensity and vitality.

Image: Connecting the Dots, Dye-sublimation ink on aluminum, 25” x 25


June 1 - August 31, 2015

A Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Sister-State Relationship between the State of Florida and Wakayama, Japan

undefinedThe State of Florida and Wakayama prefecture signed an agreement for a sister-state relationship on October 4, 1995, with the commitment to strengthen friendship and understanding focusing on trade, the economy, and social and cultural development. The exhibit will include photos of Wakayama, which is rich in historical treasures and natural beauty, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kii mountain range. In addition to the photographs, the exhibit features pottery by Japan's Masayoshi Shimizu and Florida's Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society.

Image: Mid-size bowl glazed with citrus ashes over Shigaraki ware by Masayoshi Shimizu 

R. A. Gray Building Lobby

Through July 31, 2015

The Seminole Experience

Muffy Clark Gill - "Hava"Currently on view in the 22nd Floor Capitol Gallery is Muffy Clark Gill’s batik painting exhibition The Seminole Experience. After moving to Naples 25 years ago, Ms. Gill began attending Native American pow-wows at the Collier County Museum. As she toured the vendor booths she was drawn to the craft goods made by the Seminole and Miccosukee participants. She was captivated by the strength and simplicity of the bright color combinations found in their patterned clothing and asked if she could photograph them. As time passed, pow-wow participants less frequently dressed in their traditional attire, so Ms. Gill began drawing inspiration from historic photographs from Florida postcards, the Florida state archives, private collections, and local museums. 


Museum of Florida History

The Museum of Florida History will be temporarily closing as part of the ongoing renovation project at the R. A. Gray Building. The Museum lobby will remain open, including the Highwaymen Paintings, Egg Express Café, and Florida's History Shop. All other exhibits are anticipated to be closed until July 2015.

The renovations are part of a revitalization project occurring on the plaza of the R. A. Gray Building, which houses the Museum. Special care is being taken to preserve and protect the artifacts on display in the Museum. As a result, the Museum is removing artifacts beneath the construction area.

Cabinet Meeting Room

Until Removed

Photography by Don Browning

"Walk on Water," photograph, 24" x 31"The artwork was donated to the Department of State Art Collection in 2007 and commemorated the establishment of a Wading Birds Rookery Sanctuary.