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R.A. Gray Lobby

Through October 15, 2014

Artwork by Maria Elena Elvira (Manena)

Ochuva 2The pictorial work of Manena is pure nature alive. The handling of color, the tenuous shadows, and her subtle figures make her paintings a gift to the observer. The green in her leaves with perfect details, the stylized anthurium with a touch of femininity, her fruits with surreal forms, and the crystalline waters in a serene sea are the complements to her effort to achieve an art in tune with the times. Manena’s surreal style has taken her from the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris to New York ArtExpo, from Houston to Miami, from Colombia to Belgium and many other parts of the world.

"The beauty of earth and nature touches my soul; it transports me inside it and inspires me. On the Earth I step while I walk, in the bud of a flower or a fruit, in his innate majesty, there, I find the perfect connection. It is the one we cherish every day, it is the hope of man, that nature which not only observes, touches, and has also been the result of the work of our ancestors. That earth which we share with love by showing its beauty and divine creation. Nature is the source of life which we should protect from any contamination. Earth that every day approaches the sun looking for its warmth and with its brightness gives us happiness, while being only a small dot in a huge galaxy. That's what inspires me. The Earth."

22nd Floor Capitol Gallery

Through November 30, 2014

Artwork by Florida Artist Mally Khorasantchi

"Change," oil on canvas, 84 " x 142"Mally Khorasantchi is interested in how nature exhibits both chaos and calm, constantly evident on micro, macro and universal levels, seemingly at odds and without purpose. Through natural and manmade actions, evolution and deconstruction, there is often a new order, which can happen swiftly or evolve over millennia. While vanishing species and lands are harsh realities, there are newly discovered species, natural and manmade adaptations and renewal, as well as a growing awareness for global sustainability.

Reflecting on these concerns, Khorasantchi’s paintings do not offer the viewer horizon lines or perspective to give order or focus. She seeks to convey chaos and fragmentation, calm and refuge in varying degrees with a bold and vibrant physicality. The hexagons in her paintings symbolize a connectedness and continuance between chaos and order and earth's remarkable ability to self-heal from most natural and manmade environmental disasters.

Gallery for Innovation and the Arts

Through December 31, 2014

La Florida:  500 Years in the Place of Flowers

500 years flowers.jpgBy John Moran and the Florida Wildflower Foundation

This touring photo exhibit, "La Florida: 500 Years in the Place of Flowers," commemorates the natural history and culture of our state, which Juan Ponce de Leon named in 1513. Roughly translated, La Florida means place or land of flowers.  The display includes 15 glorious large-format photos by nature photographer John Moran, perfectly illustrating the timeless beauty of Florida's native wildflowers. 

Museum of Florida History

Through October 19, 2014

The 33rd Annual Capital City Quilt Show

33rd Annual Capital City Quilt ShowThe 33rd Annual Capital City Quilt Show: Starry, Starry Night, is on display September 12 through October 19, at the Museum of Florida History. Traditional components of the quilt show include awards selected by the members of Quilters Unlimited of Tallahassee, a Visitor's Choice Award selected by public vote, and a silent auction that funds charitable initiatives of the guild. Quilters are on hand to answer questions and provide more information about quilting and the examples on display. A scavenger hunt and drawing activity are available for young visitors.

Cabinet Meeting Room

Until Removed

Photography by Don Browning

"Walk on Water," photograph, 24" x 31"The artwork was donated to the Department of State Art Collection in 2007 and commemorated the establishment of a Wading Birds Rookery Sanctuary.