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Rick Lynn Scott

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Rick Lynn Scott

Forty-fifth governor
January 4, 2011 to present

Rick Scott is the 45th Governor of the great State of Florida. Rick campaigned on creating jobs and turning Florida's economy around.

Born in Bloomington, Illinois and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Rick Scott is considered one of America's foremost entrepreneurs. The son of a truck driver and JC Penney clerk, Rick is known as an innovator in business, health care, and politics, and has developed a reputation in the health care industry for providing affordable, high quality services through a patient-centric approach to cost and care. Rick is the founder of two health care providers, Columbia Hospital Corporation and Solantic Corporation, which builds and operates urgent care facilities throughout Florida. Rick also started Conservatives for Patients' Rights, an organization founded to defend free market principles in health care that focused successfully on defeating President Obama's government-run public option plan.

Rick has been married to his high school sweetheart, Ann, for 38 years. They have two wonderful daughters, Jordan and Allison.