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flamenco.jpgThe Statewide Outreach Initiative broadens the impact of folklife programs by reaching diverse audiences around the state through a variety of formats: 


Folk Artist Residency Program

Plena Es - September 2017

The Florida Folklife Program is pleased to present Plena Es as part of the Folk Artist Residency series in Tallahassee September 26-28, 2017.

 About the Artists

In South Florida, Plena Es has carved out a space for Puerto Rican music by presenting the island’s distinctive rhythms and percussion-driven music known as bomba y plena to new audiences. Plena music, derived from the African bomba rhythms, was originally forged under colonial conditions in early 20th-century Ponce, Puerto Rico, where African and indigenous rhythms mixed with folk and chamber elements, vocal satire and storytelling to create a new form of urban music.

Founded by Pierre Ramos in 2004, Plena Es features African percussion, trombones, piano, drums, bass and a vocal chorus in an exciting orchestration of Latin dance music with powerful lyrics. As Ramos states in an interview with HistoryMiami about the group’s namesake, “Plena is Puerto Rico.”

During the three-day residency in Tallahassee, Plena Es will present their music for students and the community at Florida State University School, Tallahassee School of Math & Science, Legacy School of Performing Arts in Quincy and Florida State University at the Westcott Building on FSU’s campus.

These programs are made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Folk and Traditional Arts Program and with support from Mission San Luis, the FSU Center for Music of the Americas, Legacy School of Performing Arts and Conexión.

About the Folk Artist Residency Program

The Florida Folklife Program hosts annual Folklife Artist Residencies in Tallahassee featuring Florida's outstanding traditional artists and performers. Residencies consist of free public performances, school presentations and master classes designed to bring folk and traditional arts into the classroom and to broader audiences. Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Folklife Artist Residency Program began in 2012. Through local partnerships, the program has featured master artists such as Afro-Cuban batá drummer Ezequiel Torres, dancer Neri Torres and ensemble Eru Chambo; Flamenco artists Paco & Celia Fonta; steel pannist Michael Kernahan and Sacred Steel group, The Lee Boys.


Folk Forums

Southwest Florida Folk Forum - September 2017

The Florida Folklife Program and the Florida Maritime Museum present the 2017 Southwest Florida Folk Forum. This event celebrates local folklife and cultural diversity through presentations by the region’s finest traditional artists and folklorists.

About Folk Forums

Modeled, in part, after the Folklife Program's past Folklife Institutes, these day-long forums present local traditional artists and teach community members how to identify, document and preserve oral histories and cultural resources in their own regions. Participants are recruited from local cultural, historical and educational organizations; interested individuals are also invited to participate. The Folklife Program holds Folk Forum sessions at libraries, museums, state parks and related institutions throughout the state. Sessions are intended to teach community members to recognize and locate traditional cultural resources and contacts in their own communities, so that they can document, preserve, and present their local cultural heritage through programming at community venues. Each Folk Forum includes presentations by local tradition bearers, cultural specialists and folklorists.


More Information

For more information, contact Amanda Hardeman at or 800.847.PAST