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II. Review & Approval

Application Process Part 2

Marker applications are reviewed by the State Historical Marker Council, an appointed committee of three preservation experts from around the state.

Review meetings are conducted in March, June, September and December via conference call. During each review meeting, up to 12 historical marker applications will be evaluated. No more than four applications from a single applicant will be reviewed in a meeting.

Marker applications do not have a fixed deadline; however, applications must be received at least one month before the meeting at which they will be reviewed. Applications received within the month before a scheduled meeting will not be reviewed until the following meeting.

Finalization/Approval of Marker Text

The marker council members may recommend changes to the proposed marker text. After the meeting, Bureau of Historic Preservation staff will communicate all changes or requests for further information to the applicant and coordinate the finalization of the marker text.

All marker text must be finalized within one year of the marker council meeting. Applications with marker text not finalized will expire after one year and must be resubmitted.

For More Information

Michael Hart
State Historical Marker Coordinator

Division of Historical Resources
Bureau of Historic Preservation
R.A. Gray Building
500 S. Bronough Street, Room 416
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250