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Presidential Electors

The process to select and nominate electors who will vote for President and Vice-President on behalf of Florida voters can be found in Chapter 103, Florida Statutes.

Each State is entitled to a number of electors equal to the number of the state's senators and representatives in Congress (Art. II, U.S. Const.). Based on the 2010 Census, Florida is entitled to 29 presidential electors through the 2020 presidential election.  In Florida, each presidential candidate or presidential candidate’s political party, whichever is applicable, submits its own slate of electors (For 2016, see links below). Subsequent to the general election, the State certifies the slate of electors of the joint candidates for President and Vice-President who received the highest number of votes in the state.

For further information on how electors cast their votes for President and Vice-President, please refer to the National Archives and Records Administration - U.S. Electoral College webpage.

2016 Florida Presidential Candidates and Electors

Candidates Party Affiliation or Write-In Electors
Trump, Donald J. / Pence, Michael R. Republican Party of Florida PDF 
Clinton, Hillary Rodham / Kaine, Timothy Michael Florida Democratic Party PDF 
Johnson, Gary / Weld, Bill  Libertarian Party of Florida PDF 
Castle, Darrell L. / Bradley, Scott N. Constitution Party of Florida PDF 
Stein, Jill / Baraka, Ajamu  Green Party of Florida PDF 
De La Fuente, Roque (Rocky) / Steinberg, Michael  Reform Party of Florida PDF 
Basiago, Andrew D. / Kinnison, Karen D. Write-in PDF 
Duncan, Richard / Johnson, Ricky  Write-in PDF 
Fox, Cherunda / Kushner, Roger  Write-in PDF 
Gyurko, Zoltan Istvan / Memmel, Lisa M. Write-in PDF 
Kotlikoff, Laurence J. / Leamer, Edward E. Write-in PDF 
Valdivia, Anthony "Tony" Joseph / Barnere, Aaron Roy Write-in PDF