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Elections Integrity

Governor DeSantis, Florida's Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee and the Florida Department of State have made elections integrity a top priority. 

“Florida’s election in 2020 was accurate, transparent, and conducted in compliance with Florida law.  Florida conducted both pre and post elections audits, and we are confident in the security and integrity of our 2020 election results," said Florida Secretary of State, Laurel M. Lee. 

"Before each election, every county performs a Logic and Accuracy Test to ensure that ballots are printed correctly and that the voting system is counting votes correctly. This testing is publicly noticed and open to the public. See section 101.5612, Florida Statutes.

Further, after every election, each county must perform a post-election certification voting system audit unless there has been a manual recount conducted in that election. See section 101.591, Florida Statutes; Rule 1S-5.026, Florida Administrative Code. This testing is publicly noticed and open to the public. The post-election audit confirmed that Florida’s 2020 election was secure and accurate.

Governor DeSantis and I have made elections integrity a defining priority and a cornerstone of this administration.

At the Florida Department of State, we are committed to integrity, transparency, and to building voter confidence in our elections process by providing accurate information to the public.” 

We work hard to meet the highest standards for security and integrity, and we've done that in a variety of ways, whether that's through pre- and post-election audits, continual assessment and strengthening of our elections cybersecurity, and developing partnerships to ensure the integrity of the election. 

Florida was a model for successful election administration in the 2020 election cycle, and we continue to seek ways to improve our processes.  

Explore this site, the videos and the links provided to learn more about how Florida works hard to ensure that your vote is safe, secure and counted.


Florida's Voting Systems

The Florida Secretary of State’s Office oversees voting systems certification. Any voting system used in an election in Florida must first be tested and approved for purchase and use. The State rigorously tests voting systems to ensure the integrity of our elections process. Learn more about our extensive voting systems certification process.



We’re confident in Florida’s election integrity. Florida's elections systems are secure. By sharing the information in this toolkit on your social platforms, you can help us defend against misinformation and disinformation campaigns that would say otherwise.



Division of Elections

Mailing Address
Florida Division of Elections
R.A. Gray Building, Room 316
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250

Phone: 850.245.6200
Fax: 850.245.6217

Email: [email protected]

For the Press

For answers to media-related questions visit the Media Room for a list of resources you may find useful.

If you still have questions, please contact the Department of State’s Office of Communications.


Voter Assistance Hotline

Toll Free 1.866.308.6739  (in English and Español), available Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., with extended hours during statewide elections.

If you are hearing or speech impaired, please contact the Division using the Florida Relay Service, 1.800.955.8771 (TDD), 1.800.955.8770 (Voice), or 1.877.955.8773 (Español). For more information visit the Florida Relay Service.