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Advisory Opinions by Year


Number Title Format
DE 18-01 Proper Order of Placement of Candidate Names on Municipal Ballot-§ 105.041 (2), Florida Statutes pdf, 1.5mb
DE 18-02 Vote-by-Mail Ballots -Public Records-§ 101.62(3), Florida Statutes pdf, 1.1mb
DE 18-03 Advertising -Use of Current Office Title in Political Ads for Another Office -§§ 104.31 and 106.143 , Florida Statutes pdf, 646kb
DE 18-04 Ballots -Municipalities; Qualifying -Statement of Financial Interests as Qualifying Document-§§ 99.061(5) and (7); and 1 00.3605(1 ), Florida Statutes pdf, 1.1mb
DE 18-05 Petitions -Effect of Paid Initiative Petition Circulators on Undue Burden Oath; Contributions -In-kind -§§ 99.097(4), (6), 106.07(4), 106.011(5), and 106.191, Florida Statutes pdf, 1.1 mb
DE 18-06 Campaign Financing; Expenditures; Use of Campaign Funds for Foreign County Travel to Familiarize Candidate with Immigrant Electorate's Culture-§§ 106.011(10), 106.021(1)(b) and 106.11(1)(a), Florida Statutes pdf, 243kb
DE 18-07 Resign-to-Run- Police Officer - § 99.012(4), Florida Statutes pdf, 234kb
DE 18-08 Resign-to-Run - City Human Resources Department Director- § 99.012, Florida Statutes pdf, 352kb
DE 18-09 Voter Registration - Registration based on mail forwarding service address and declaration of domicile - §§ 97.041(1), 98.045(1), 98.075(7), and 101.045(1), Florida  Statutes pdf, 444kb
DE 18-10

Petitions; Candidate Qualifying - Married Candidate Using Only Husband's Last Name on Ballot when Candidate Petitions Contained the Candidate's Name as a Hyphenated Maiden Name and Husband's Last Name - §§ 99.021(1)(a), 99.095, and 105.031(4 )(b), Florida Statutes

pdf, 444kb
DE 18-11

Candidates; Qualifying; Residency -Candidate residing in different county from where running for sheriff; residency requirement for sheriff --§§ 99.021(1)(a) and 99.061(7) Florida Statutes 

pdf, 1.5mb


Number Title Format
DE 17-01 Resign-to-Run - Vacancy - § 99.0 12(3)(f). Florida Statutes pdf,
DE 17-02 Resign-to-Run - Members of Appointed Boards or Authorities Serving Without Salary - § 99.012, Florida Statutes pdf, 1mb
DE 17-03 Resign-to-Run - Police Officer -§ 99.012, Florida Statutes pdf, 1.7mb
DE 17-04 Resign-to-Run - Special District Commissioner -§ 99.012, Florida Statutes pdf, 2.0mb


Number Title Format
DE 16-01 Residency- Establishing Residency-§§ 97.041, 97,051, 98.045, 98.065, and 98.075, Florida Statutes pdf,
DE 16-02 Voting-Offering Incentives to Vote; Political Committees Expenditures; §§ 104.045, 104.061, 104.0616, 106.011, and 106.11, Florida Statutes


DE 16-03 Campaign Financing; Registration Committee Registration; Advertising; §§ 106.011 , 106.03, 106.071, 106.0703, 106.1437, Florida Statutes

pdf, 1.4mb

DE 16-04 Petitions-Format and Verification of Candidate Petitions§§ 99.095, 99.097, Florida Statutes

pdf, 1.4mb

DE 16-05 Resign-to-Run - Effective Date -§ 99.012, Florida Statutes

pdf, 1.3mb

DE 16-06 Contributions - Limits -§ 106.08, Florida Statutes

pdf, 861kb

DE 16-07 Campaign Financing - Contributions Made via Internet; Campaign Financing-Contributions through a Conduit; Political Committees -§§ 106.011(16), 106.03, Florida Statutes

pdf, 1.3 mb

DE 16-08 Advertising - Disclaimers on Vehicle Advertising -§ 106.143, Florida Statutes

pdf 1mb

DE 16-09 Campaign Financing - Eliminated Candidate; Disposition of Surplus Funds-§§ 99.061, 106. 141 , Florida Statutes

pdf, 500kb

DE 16-10 Campaign Financing - Contributions; Political Advertising - Miscellaneous Advertisements; Electioneering Communications; § § 106.011, 106. 1437, Florida Statutes

pdf, 123k

DE 16-11 Registration - Remuneration for Registering to Vote ; § 104.012, Florida Statutes

pdf, 921k

DE 16-12 Advertising - Political Disclaimers; Meaning of "Expressly Advocates " ; Electioneering Communications; §§ 106.011, 106.143, 106.1439, Florida Statutes

pdf, 104k

DE 16-13 Advertising - Candidates Using " Re-Elect"; § 106 .143(6), Florida Statutes

pdf, 100k

DE 16-14 Special Districts; Advertising - Political Disclaimers; §§ 99.061(3), 106.011 , 106.143, Florida Statutes

pdf, 88k

DE 16-15 Campaign Financing - Unopposed Candidate -§ 106.11(5), Florida Statutes

pdf, 88k

DE 16-16 Advertising - Political Disclaimers - § 106.143, Florida Statutes

pdf, 144kb

DE 16-17 Advertising - Nonpartisan Candidate; §§ 97.021(22), 106.143(3), Florida Statutes

pdf, 142kb 


Number Title Format
DE 15-01 Campaign Financing Disposition of Surplus Funds, § 106.141 (4), Florida Statutes pdf, 175kb
DE 15-02 Campaign Financing; Municipalities -Applicability of Election Code; Municipal Reporting Schedule-§§ 1 00.3605(1) and 1 06.07(1 ), Florida Statutes pdf, 1.6mb
DE 15-03 Canvassing Board ­ Disqualification of Member; Authority of Canvassing Board to Remove Member; § 102.141, Fla. Stat. pdf, 1.7mb
DE 15-04 Campaign Financing; Expenditures; Advertising - Political Disclaimers; §§ 106.011 , 106.021 , 106.143, 106.1437, and 106. 1439, Fla. Stat. pdf, 1.7mb
DE 15-05 Qualifying - Special District Office - § 99.061 (3 ), Fla . Stat. pdf, 1mb


Number Title Format
DE 14-01 Early Voting - Facilities, Locations, § 101.657, Florida Statutes (Rescinded) pdf, 175kb
DE 14-02 Canvassing Board Disqualification of Members; City Canvassing Board, §§ 100.3605, 102.141, Florida Statutes pdf, 187kb
DE 14-03 Campaign Financing; Political Committees; Contributions; Expenditures - political club activity; § 106.011, Florida Statutes pdf, 1.5mb
DE 14-04 Provisional ballots - Poll Worker Failure or Improper Completion of Provisional Ballot Certificate, § 1 0 1.048, Florida Statutes pdf, 1.6mb
DE 14-05 Absentee ballots - Canvassing of Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot, § 101.6952(5), Florida Statutes pdf, 3.7mb


Number Title Format
DE 13-01 Campaign Financing; Qualifying Fees - Disposition of surplus funds to pay election assessment -- §§ 99.092(1), 99.095(1), and 106.141(6), Florida Statutes pdf, 645kb
DE 13-02 Campaign Finance; Disposition of Surplus Funds to Pay Election Assessment - payment of election assessment after remaining funds have been disposed of or transferred -- § 106.141, Florida Statutes pdf, 1.8mb
DE 13-03 Campaign Finance; Election Assessment - payment of election assessment after remaining funds have been disposed of or transferred -- § 106.141, Florida Statutes pdf, 631kb
DE 13-04 Candidate Qualifying; Qualifying Fees; Election Assessment - check drawn upon campaign account -- §§ 100.3605, 99.093 and 99.061, Florida Statutes pdf, 1.1mb
DE 13-05 Campaign Finance, Political Committee, Contributions - contribution limits to independent-expenditure-only political committees -- §§ 106.011,106.08, Florida Statutes pdf, 933kb
DE 13-06 Referendum - Private financing of county referendum -- §§ 100.011 (3), 100.201, and 100.241, Florida Statutes pdf, 586kb
DE 13-07 Absentee Ballots; Canvassing Board - Delivering and tabulating absentee ballot at precinct; use of signature verification technology for absentee ballots -- §§101.68, 101.69, and 102.141(8), Florida Statutes pdf, 537kb
DE 13-08 Absentee Ballots; Public Records-§ 10 1.62(3), Florida Statutes pdf, 137kb


Number Title Format
DE 12-01 Candidates - Qualifying - Petitions - Member of cancelled political party qualifying as a candidate for another political party; validity of candidate petitions designating the cancelled political party; role of qualifying or filing officer pdf, 2.3mb
DE 12-02 Absentee Ballots - Signatures on return envelopes; Canvassing Boards - Substitute or Alternate Members -- §§ 101.64, 101.65, 101.68, & 102.141, Florida Statutes pdf, 2.4mb
DE 12-03 Petitions - Format and Verification of Candidate Petitions -- §§ 99.095 and 99.097 pdf, 1mb
DE 12-04 Resign-to-Run - Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction running for School Superintendent -- § 99.012, Florida Statutes pdf, 923kb
DE 12-05 Advertising; Expenditures - Use of Local Government Funds. § 106.113, Florida Statutes pdf, 2.1mb
DE 12-06 Ballots - Descriptive terms, titles, degrees, certifications, or associations with candidate's name - §§ 99.021, and 105.031, Florida Statutes pdf, 929kb
DE 12-07 Voter Registration - Spoiled Applications Submitted by Third-Party Voter Registration Organizations - §§ 97.053, 97.0575, and 97.073, Florida Statutes pdf, 1.9mb
DE 12-08 DE 12-08 - Corporations; Independent Expenditures; Political Committees § 106.011 and 106.071, Florida Statutes pdf, 983kb
DE 12-09 DE 12-09 - Candidates; Supervisors of Elections - Posting of names of write-in candidates on sample ballots and at the polls -- §§ 99.061(4), 101.20, and 102.031 (4), Florida Statutes pdf, 641kb
DE 12-10 DE 12-10 - Absentee Ballots - Public Record Requests-§ 101.62(3), Florida Statutes pdf, 857kb
DE 12-11 DE 12-11 - Absentee Ballots; Public Records - Election officials -§ 101.62(3), Florida Statutes pdf, 4.9mb
DE 12-12 DE 12-12 - Campaign Financing - Contributions made via Internet; political committees; and contributions through a conduit -- §§ 106.011(1) and 106.08(5), Florida Statutes pdf, 7.7mb
DE 12-13 Poll Watchers; Supervisors of Elections - Use of mobile electronic devices by poll watchers in the polls -- §§ 101.111 (l), 101.131 (l), 101.23, and 102.031, Florida Statutes pdf, 590kb
DE 12-14 Campaign Financing; Electioneering Communications Organizations - State-registered ECO filing reports with a municipality - §§ 106.03(1)(b) and 106.0703, Florida Statutes pdf, 702kb


Number Title Format
DE 11-01 Campaign Finance - Self-financed campaign; raising donations for a charitable cause pdf, 104kb
DE 11-02 Minor Political Party - Prescribing its membership, § 103.095 (2), Florida Statutes pdf, 1.13mb
DE 11-03 Presidential Elections; Candidates - Ballot access. § 103.021, Florida Statutes pdf, 805kb
DE 11-04 Resign-to-Run - School Board Member running for School Superintendent; Candidate Petition Process pdf, 2.3mb
DE 11-05 Qualifying - Role of Qualifying Officer pdf, 2.6mb


Number Title Format
DE 10-01 Resign to Run - Deputy Sheriff running for Sheriff of different county pdf, 103kb
DE 10-02 Advertising; Nonpartisan Candidate - posting party affiliation on Internet social networking websites pdf, 485kb
DE 10-03 Resign to Run - County Commissioner running for Congress pdf, 436kb
DE 10-04 Rescinding Opinions - DE 77-11, DE 88-41, DE 01-04, and a portion of DE 82-22 pdf, 122kb
DE 10-05 Campaign Financing; Contributions - Contributions by Corporations pdf, 94kb
DE 10-06 Advertising; Expenditures - Use of Local Government Funds pdf, 387kb
DE 10-07 Advertising; Expenditures - Use of Local Government Funds pdf, 667kb
DE 10-08 Contributions; Nonpartisan Special District Candidates pdf, 570kb
DE 10-09 Candidate(s) - When is candidate elected? pdf, 2mb
DE 10-10 Early Voting and Absentee Ballot Results pdf, 212kb
DE 10-11 Campaign Financing - Contributions through a conduit pdf, 188kb


Number Title Format
DE 09-01 Qualifying - City Council Candidate; Mistaken Group Number Designation §99.061, Florida Statutes pdf, 379kb
DE 09-02 Polling Places - Combined Precincts; §101.71(2), Florida Statutes (Obsolete) pdf, 412kb
DE 09-03 Campaign Financing - Soliciting and Receiving Contributions via Pay Pal §§ 106.05 and 106.08(5), Florida Statutes pdf, 722kb
DE 09-04 Campaign Financing; Campaign Treasurer & Reports, Political Parties - Contributions, expenditures, anonymous donations, and political party audits. §§ 106.011(3), (4), 103.121(2), and 106.29(1) Florida Statutes pdf, 335kb
DE 09-05 Qualifying - Role of Qualifying Officer; Candidate nickname; §§ 99.021(1), 99.061(7), 100.3605(1), and 104.011(1), Florida Statutes pdf, 551kb
DE 09-06 Electioneering Communications Organizations; §§ 106.011(1)(b)3 and 106.011(3)(b), Florida Statutes (Obsolete) pdf, 204kb
DE 09-07 Canvassing Board - Disqualification of Member; §§ 102.141(1), Florida Statutes pdf, 169kb
DE 09-08 Campaign Financing - In-Kind Contributions and Valuation of Private Aircraft Travel §§ 106.055 and 106.08(2), Florida Statutes pdf, 174kb


Number Title Format
DE 08-01 Testing of Tabulating Equipment; Public Access to Tabulation Room, §§ 101.561(2) and 102.141, Florida Statutes pdf, 46kb
DE 08-02 Resign to Run - City Fire Chief running for County Commissioner; § 99.012, Florida Statutes pdf, 46kb
DE 08-03 Campaign Financing - Contributions through a Conduit; §§ 106.011(1), 106.021(1), 106.03, 106.07(4), and 106.08(1) and (5), Florida Statutes pdf, 46kb
DE 08-04 Resign to Run - Assistant State Attorney running for Circuit Court Judge; §§ 99.012(3), and (4), Florida Statutes pdf, 183kb
DE 08-05 Resign to Run-Judicial Nominating Commission Member running for State Representative; § § 99.012(3)(a) and (6)(b), Florida Statutes pdf, 210kb
DE 08-06 Resign to Run-City Clerk; § § 99.012(1), (3) and (4), Florida Statutes pdf, 343kb
DE 08-07 Campaign Financing - Receiving Contributions via Pay Pal §§106.05 and 106.7(1), Florida Statutes pdf, 183kb
DE 08-08 Electioneering Communications Organizations; Political Committees §§ 106.011(1), (3)(a), (4)(a), (18), & (19), 106.08(4)(b), 106.143.(1)(b), and 106.1439, Florida Statutes (Obsolete) pdf, 600kb
DE 08-09 Voting Equipment - Persons with Disabilities, §§97.021(24) and 101.56075, Florida Statutes pdf, 212kb
DE 08-10 Canvassing Board - Disqualification of Member; §102.141(1), Florida Statutes pdf, 65kb


Number Title Format
DE 07-01 Electioneering Communications Organizations §§ Florida Statutes pdf, 46kb
DE 07-02 Early Voting §§ 97.021(7), 101.657, and 212.055(6), Florida Statutes pdf, 31kb
DE 07-03 Political Committees, Polling Activities; §§ 106.011(7) and 106.17, Florida Statutes; (Rescinded) pdf, 31kb
DE 07-04 Municipal Elections; Poll Workers - Training; §§ 102.3605(1) and 102.014, Florida Statutes pdf, 35kb
DE 07-05 Political Committees-Polling Activities §§ 106.011(3), 106.055, 106.07(1) and 106.17, Florida Statutes pdf, 46kb
DE 07-06 Primary Elections - Open Primary; Voting; Fla. Const. art. VI, s. 5(b); §§ 97.021(27), 100.061, 100.181 and 101.151(7), Florida Statutes pdf, 42kb
DE 07-07 Candidates and Campaign Financing - Unopposed Candidate; §§ 101.151(7), 106.011(15) and 106.08(3), Florida Statutes pdf, 42kb
DE 07-08 Resign to Run - City Marshal (Chief of Police) running for Sheriff; §§ 99.012(3) and (4), Florida Statutes pdf, 354kb


Number Title Format
DE 06-01 Resign to Run; Sheriff Running for State Senate: § 99.012, Florida Statutes pdf, 16kb
DE 06-02 Early Voting; §§ 97.021(7) and 101.657, Florida Statutes pdf, 15kb
DE 06-03 Initiative Petitions; § 101.371, Florida Statutes pdf, 17kb
DE 06-04 Disposition of Surplus Funds by a Non-Partisan Municipal Candidate; § 106.141(4)(a)3, Florida Statutes. pdf, 15kb
DE 06-05 Municipal Recall; Registration of and Reporting of Municipal Recall Committees, Independent Expenditures, Run-off Election, Registered Voters-Petition Signature-Gathering; §§ 100.361, 100.3605, 100.181, 106.011, 106.03, 106.07, 106.071, Florida Statutes pdf, 54kb
DE 06-06 Municipal Recall Elections; Registration and Reporting by Recall Committees; Voter Registration Information; §§ 98.095, 98.0979; 100.361, 106.011, 106.03, 106.07, Florida Statutes pdf, 34kb
DE 06-07 Contributions by Trusts: §§ 106.011(8) and 106.08(1)(a), Florida Statutes pdf, 21kb
DE 06-08 Absentee Ballots: §§ 101.68, 101.69 and 104.18, Florida Statutes pdf, 24kb
DE 06-09 Committees of Continuous Existence Contributing to Electioneering Communications Organizations; §§ 106.04(5), 106.011(1)(b)3., and 106.011(3)(b), Florida Statutes pdf, 17kb
DE 06-10 Petty Cash: Definition of the Term "Other Necessities"; and Reimbursement for Campaign Expenses; §§ 106.12(3) and 106.021(3), Florida Statutes pdf, 17kb
DE 06-11 County Canvassing Boards; Use of Handwriting Consultants; § 102.141, Florida Statutes pdf, 17kb
DE 06-12 Candidate Political Advertisement Disclaimer; § 106.143(1)(a), Florida Statutes pdf, 17kb
DE 06-13 Committees of Continuous Existence; §106.04, 106.11, 106.12 and 106.125, Florida Statutes pdf, 17kb


Number Title Format
DE 05-01 Disposition of Property Purchased With Campaign Funds pdf, 12kb
DE 05-02 Internet Political Advertisement Disclaimers; Meaning of "Prominently" pdf, 16kb
DE 05-03 Closed Captioning and Descriptive Narrative pdf, 15kb
DE 05-04 Electioneering Communications pdf, 16kb
DE 05-05 Electioneering Communications and Political Committees pdf, 22kb
DE 05-06 Meaning of "Expressly Advocates" pdf, 71kb
DE 05-07 Political Party State Executive Committee Reporting Requirements pdf, 24kb
DE 05-08 Canvassing Boards; Required Number of Members to take Official Action; pdf, 14kb


Number Title Format
DE 04-01 List Maintenance Activities Regarding Inactive Voters Who Sign Petitions and Validity of Petitions Signed by Inactive Voters and Rescinding Opinions DE 91-01, DE 90-29 and DE 87-16 (Corrected Version) pdf, 16kb
DE 04-02 Manual Recount Requirements Relating to Touchscreen Voting Systems pdf, 13kb
DE 04-03 Candidates; Membership in Political or Civic Groups pdf, 16kb
DE 04-04 Resign to Run pdf, 12kb
DE 04-05 Felon Civil Rights Section 97.041, Florida Statutes; Voter Registration Section 99.061, Florida Statutes; Qualifying pdf, 12kb
DE 04-06 Section 99.012, Florida Statutes, "Resign to Run;" and section 106.011(3), Florida Statutes, In-kind Contributions pdf, 26kb
DE 04-07 Early Voting pdf, 18kb
DE 04-09 Committees of Continuous Existence Making Independent Expenditures for Handheld Signs or Palm Cards Supporting Candidates pdf, 17kb


Number Title Format
DE 03-01 Conduct of Municipal Elections pdf, 16kb
DE 03-02 Activities of Political Parties Relating to Candidates for Nonpartisan Municipal Office pdf, 13kb
DE 03-03 Substitute Ballots pdf, 41kb
DE 03-04 Random Sample Petition Signature Verification Method; and, Gathering of Petition Signatures Outside of Polling Places pdf, 35kb
DE 03-05 Rescinding a Portion of DE 97-06 Relating to Reimbursements to Candidates from Campaign Funds; and Rescinding DE 98-16 Relating to Testimonials pdf, 14kb
DE 03-06 Use of "Smart Box Delivery System" for Mailing Items Required to be Sent by Certified or Registered Mail pdf, 14kb
DE 03-07 Constitutional Amendment Petition Forms; Inclusion of Name and Address of Paid Petition Circulator pdf, 7kb
DE 03-08 Campaign Expenditures for Political Advertisements and Media Consultants pdf, 12kb
DE 03-09 Voter Registration Records pdf, 12kb


Number Title Format
DE 02-01 Municipal Voting Systems pdf, 18kb
DE 02-02 Universal Primary pdf, 17kb
DE 02-03 Use of 3-Pack Advertisements in Primary Elections pdf, 18kb
DE 02-04 Mail Ballot Election pdf, 17kb
DE 02-05 Municipal Recall pdf, 19kb
DE 02-06 Petition Method of Qualifying in Newly Created Districts pdf, 18kb
DE 02-07 Matching Funds pdf, 20kb
DE 02-08 Absentee Ballot Requests pdf, 19kb
DE 02-09 Campaign Contributions via Wire Transfer pdf, 18kb
DE 02-10 Receipt of Contributions pdf, 19kb
DE 02-11 Election Audit Data pdf, 18kb
DE 02-12 Requesting and Delivering Absentee Ballots pdf, 17kb
DE 02-13 In-Person Casting of Absentee Ballots (Obsolete) pdf, 17kb
DE 02-14 County Charter Commission Eligibility for Voter Registration Information pdf, 20kb
DE 02-15 Use of Campaign Funds for Legal Expenses Associated with Contesting an Election pdf, 22kb
DE 02-16 Contributions to a County Party Executive Committee Via Credit Card pdf, 17kb
DE 02-17 Use of Surplus Funds to Refund Contributions to Attend a Cancelled Fundraising Event When a Candidate Has Received Matching Funds pdf, 20kb
DE 02-18 Solicitation near polling places pdf, 18kb
DE 02-19 Provisional Ballots and Challenge Statute pdf, 21kb


Number Title Format
DE 01-01 Inspectors and Clerks to Conduct Elections pdf, 17kb
DE 01-02 Use of the Word "Re-elect" in Political Advertisements pdf, 17kb
DE 01-03 No Opinion Issued  
DE 01-04 Watchers at Polls (rescinded) pdf, 11kb


Number Title Format
DE 00-01 Deadline for Accepting Campaign Contributions pdf, 20kb
DE 00-02 Disposal of Surplus Campaign Funds pdf, 16kb
DE 00-03 Use of Debit and Credit Cards for Campaign Contributions and Expenditures pdf, 19kb
DE 00-04 Assessment of Fines pdf, 18kb
DE 00-05 Resign-to-Run (Rescinded) pdf, 19kb
DE 00-06 Open Primary Elections pdf, 19kb
DE 00-07 The Florida Elections Commission's duty to enforce violations of election-related provisions of local charters and ordinances. pdf, 19kb
DE 00-08 Rescinding "leave of absence" opinions pdf, 1.3mb
DE 00-09 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 36kb
DE 00-10 Deadline for Certification pdf, 19kb
DE 00-11 Definitions of Errors in Vote Tabulation pdf, 17kb
DE 00-12 Manual Recount Procedures pdf, 17kb
DE 00-13 Manual Recount Procedures and Partial Certification pdf, 18kb
DE 00-14 Personal Loans pdf, 16kb
DE 00-15 Municipal Charter Provisions for Poll Watchers pdf, 17kb


Number Title Format
DE 99-01 Resign-to-Run pdf, 25kb
DE 99-02 Verification of Signatures on Petitions pdf, 19kb
DE 99-03 Political Committee or Political Party Endorsement pdf, 18kb
DE 99-04 Rescinding DE 94-15 and DE 98-10 pdf, 24kb
DE 99-05 Placement of Special District Candidates on the Primary and General Election Ballots pdf, 18kb
DE 99-06 Telephone Solicitation pdf, 18kb
DE 99-07 Municipal Recall pdf, 16kb


Number Title Format
DE 98-01 Public Campaign Finance pdf, 19kb
DE 98-02 Special District Elections pdf, 18kb
DE 98-03 Municipal and Special Elections pdf, 21kb
DE 98-04 Political Advertising (rescinded in part, see 99-04) pdf, 18kb
DE 98-05 Public Campaign Financing pdf, 19kb
DE 98-06 Political Advertising (rescinded in part, see 99-03) pdf, 18kb
DE 98-07 Political Advertising pdf, 18kb
DE 98-08 Political Advertising pdf, 17kb
DE 98-09 Address Changes Based on Petition Cards pdf, 18kb
DE 98-10 Appeal of Automatic Fines (rescinded) pdf, 20kb
DE 98-11 Voting Systems and Standards for Ballots Used With Such Systems pdf, 20kb
DE 98-12 Duties of the Secretary of State (rescinded in part, see 98-13) pdf, 20kb
DE 98-13 Absentee Voting pdf, 34kb
DE 98-14 Requesting and Delivering Absentee Ballots pdf, 20kb
DE 98-15 Fishing Tournament pdf, 18kb
DE 98-16 Testimonials (rescinded see DE 03-05) pdf, 21kb


Number Title Format
DE 97-01 Initiative Petition Signatures pdf, 19kb
DE 97-02 Municipal Election Assessment pdf, 16kb
DE 97-03 Deadline for Accepting Campaign Contributions (rescinded) pdf, 18kb
DE 97-04 Special District Elections pdf, 16kb
DE 97-05 Confidentiality of Information in Voter Registration Applications pdf, 19kb
DE 97-06 Rescinding DE 76-16, 78-2, 88-32, 90-16, and 94-7 (rescinded in part, see DE 03-05) pdf, 19kb


Number Title Format
DE 96-01 Public Campaign Finance pdf, 24kb
DE 96-02 City and County Election Canvassing Boards pdf, 18kb
DE 96-03 Public Campaign Finance (rescinded) pdf, 24kb


Number Title Format
DE 95-01 Inactive Voter Registration List pdf, 18kb
DE 95-02 Disqualification of Convicted Felons to Register or Vote pdf, 23kb
DE 95-03 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 18kb
DE 95-04 Counting Absentee Ballots pdf, 18kb
DE 95-05 Municipal Elections County v. City Canvassing Board pdf, 21kb


Number Title Format
DE 94-01 Independent Expenditures by Corporations pdf, 18kb
DE 94-02 Use of Money Orders as Campaign Contribution pdf, 16kb
DE 94-03 Disposal of Leftover Campaign Funds pdf, 16kb
DE 94-04 When Qualifications for Selected Offices Must Be Met; Residency pdf, 19kb
DE 94-05 Time of Elections pdf, 17kb
DE 94-06 Formats for Initiative Petitions pdf, 20kb
DE 94-07 Payments of Campaign Expenditures (rescinded) pdf, 18kb
DE 94-08 Public Official's Authority to Obtain and Allow Public Access to Voter Information pdf, 25kb
DE 94-09 Campaigning for a Proposed Office pdf, 23kb
DE 94-10 Reproducing Petitions; No Notary Requirement pdf, 23kb
DE 94-11 Information Required for Voter Registration pdf, 19kb
DE 94-12 Citizens League Endorsing A Candidate in League's Publication pdf, 21kb
DE 94-13 Refunds of Excessive Contributions pdf, 18kb
DE 94-14 Recalls in Charter Counties pdf, 17kb
DE 94-15 Support and Endorsement of Candidates (rescinded) pdf, 21kb
DE 94-16 Matching Funds pdf, 28kb
DE 94-17 Vacancy in Nomination pdf, 25kb
DE 94-18 Public Financing pdf, 23kb
DE 94-19 Authority to Acquire Voter Registration Information pdf, 19kb
DE 94-20 Municipal Recall pdf, 16kb
DE 94-21 Office Account for Dade County State Attorney pdf, 14kb


Number Title Format
DE 93-01 Definition of Petition and Time for Obtaining Petitions to Qualify for Municipal Office pdf, 18kb
DE 93-02 Removal of A Candidate's Name From the Ballot pdf, 19kb
DE 93-03 Mail Ballot Elections pdf, 20kb
DE 93-04 Closing of Registration Books When There is An Intervening Legal Holiday pdf, 17kb
DE 93-05 Residency pdf, 18kb
DE 93-06 Failure to File (corrected) pdf, 18kb
DE 93-07 Use of Campaign Funds When Changing Designation of Office pdf, 21kb
DE 93-08 Vacancy in County Precinct Committee Office pdf, 19kb
DE 93-09 Return of Contributions; Waiver of Notice pdf, 19kb
DE 93-10 Contributions from Joint Checking Accounts; Clarification of DE 82-16 pdf, 18kb
DE 93-11 Counting Absentee Ballots (Obsolete) pdf, 18kb


Number Title Format
DE 92-01 Application of Resign-to-Run Law to Chief of a School Board Special Investigative Unit (rescinded) pdf, 19kb
DE 92-02 Application of Qualifying Fees and Assessments to the Annual Salary of an Office; What Constitutes a Salary pdf, 17kb
DE 92-03 Transfer of Surplus Funds into Office Account pdf, 25kb
DE 92-04 Return and Retention of Campaign Checks pdf, 17kb
DE 92-05 Candidate Acting As Treasurer; Removal of Treasurer pdf, 18kb
DE 92-06 Redesignation of Office and Use of Petitions by Candidate Qualifying by Alternative Method pdf, 16kb
DE 92-07 Use of Political Party Headquarters as a Voter Registration Site pdf, 17kb
DE 92-08 Candidate petitions; Independent presidential candidates pdf, 25kb
DE 92-09 Reporting Requirements of a Committee of Continuous Existence pdf, 22kb
DE 92-10 Preregistration and Subsequent Qualification for Office pdf, 18kb
DE 92-11 Political Party Raising Funds Through Business Activities pdf, 18kb
DE 92-12 Campaign Fund Raiser pdf, 18kb
DE 92-13 Change of Party Affiliation Within Six Months of Election pdf, 20kb
DE 92-14 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 92-15 Voter Registration Forms pdf, 18kb
DE 92-16 Reporting of Loans to Candidate pdf, 19kb
DE 92-17 Campaign Accounts for Political Party Executive Committee pdf, 17kb
DE 92-18 Nomination of Presidential Electors for Candidates for Federal Office pdf, 19kb
DE 92-19 Support and Endorsement of Candidates pdf, 18kb
DE 92-20 Campaign Contribution Limits pdf, 17kb


Number Title Format
DE 91-01 Clarification of Opinions Relating to Verification of Signatures on Petitions(rescinded) pdf, 15kb
DE 91-02 Duties of a Filing Officer pdf, 17kb
DE 91-03 Contributions, Interest Earned on Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts or Certificates of Deposit pdf, 14kb
DE 91-04 Removing Disqualified Voters from Registration List pdf, 21kb
DE 91-05 Application of Section 9.012- F.S.- amended by Ch. 91-107, Laws of Fla.- "Resign-to-Run Law-" to Well Inspector for Collier County pdf, 15kb
DE 91-06 Contributions and Expenditures by Political Committees, Committees of Continuous Existence, and Individuals; Limitations on Contributions Accepted from Political Party pdf, 17kb
DE 91-07 Calculation of Late Days Under Automatic Fine Provisions pdf, 14kb
DE 91-08 1.5% Assessment on Dues and Interest pdf, 14kb
DE 91-09 Recertification of Petitions pdf, 15kb
DE 91-10 Independent Candidate Including Name of Political Party of Which He is a Member on Campaign Advertisement pdf, 14kb


Number Title Format
DE 90-01 Resign-to-Run pdf, 13kb
DE 90-02 Campaign Activity of Judicial Candidates pdf, 17kb
DE 90-03 Contributions and Expenditures of Political Committees pdf, 14kb
DE 90-04 Opening and Closing of Polls pdf, 13kb
DE 90-05 Election Assessment pdf, 14kb
DE 90-06 Authority to Request Voter Information pdf, 14kb
DE 90-07 Voter Registration Procedures (Obsolete) pdf, 16kb
DE 90-08 Reporting Complimentary Tickets on Campaign Treasurers' Reports pdf, 14kb
DE 90-09 Absentee Ballots from "Handicapped" Voters pdf, 16kb
DE 90-10 Interpretation of Sections 104.071 and 104.31, F.S. pdf, 17kb
DE 90-11 Resign-to-Run pdf, 16kb
DE 90-12 Resign-to-Run (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 90-13 Selection of Polling Places pdf, 16kb
DE 90-14 Advance Absentee Ballots pdf, 13kb
DE 90-15 Cash Contributions and Contributions by Cashier's Checks pdf, 12kb
DE 90-16 Media Request for List of Voters or Voter Registration Information (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 90-17 Campaign Activity of Judicial Candidate pdf, 17kb
DE 90-18 Absentee Ballots for Municipal Elections pdf, 14kb
DE 90-19 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 90-20 Release of Voter Registration Information pdf, 14kb
DE 90-21 Closing of Voter Registration Books Prior to Municipal Elections(rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 90-22 Resign-to-Run pdf, 13kb
DE 90-23 Absentee Registration of Military Personnel pdf, 14kb
DE 90-24 Information Required for Voter Registration pdf, 14kb
DE 90-25 Permanent Single Registration System pdf, 16kb
DE 90-26 Resign-to-Run pdf, 14kb
DE 90-27 Resign-to-Run pdf, 12kb
DE 90-28 Resign-to-Run pdf, 15kb
DE 90-29 Verification of Signatures on Petitions (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 90-30 Residency of a County Commission Candidate pdf, 14kb
DE 90-31 Absentee Ballots pdf, 15kb
DE 90-32 Political Committee and Committee of Continuous Existence Expenditures pdf, 17kb
DE 90-33 Municipal Recall pdf, 14kb
DE 90-34 Campaign Activities of Judicial Candidates pdf, 14kb
DE 90-35 Special Districts pdf, 14kb
DE 90-36 Resign-to-Run pdf, 14kb
DE 90-37 Closing of Voter Registration Books pdf, 14kb
DE 90-38 Political Disclaimers pdf, 14kb
DE 90-39 Advance Absentee Ballots pdf, 14kb
DE 90-40 Contributions to Candidates and Political Parties by Credit Card pdf, 14kb
DE 90-41 Contributions to Committees of Continuous Existence by Credit Card pdf, 14kb
DE 90-42 Issuing Additional Absentee Ballots pdf, 14kb
DE 90-43 Recall Elections pdf, 14kb
DE 90-44 Municipal Recall Elections pdf, 14kb
DE 90-45 Municipal Elections pdf, 15kb
DE 90-46 Election Recount (Obsolete) pdf, 21kb
DE 90-47 Candidates Using "Re-elect" in Campaign Advertising pdf, 13kb


Number Title Format
DE 89-01 Children Accompanying Parents Into Voting Booth pdf, 14kb
DE 89-02 Anonymous Contributions pdf, 14kb
DE 89-03 Use of Change of Address Forms to Register a Voter pdf, 14kb
DE 89-04 Registering the Homeless pdf, 16kb
DE 89-05 Displaying party insignia at voter registration locations pdf, 14kb
DE 89-06 Assessment of election costs for special mail ballot elections pdf, 14kb
DE 89-07 Executive Committees pdf, 13kb
DE 89-08 Use of Signature Facsimile by Registered Voters pdf, 24kb
DE 89-09 Resign-to-Run pdf, 14kb
DE 89-10 Municipal Recall pdf, 16kb
DE 89-11 Municipal Recall pdf, 16kb
DE 89-12 Voting Rights of Individuals Convicted of Courts-Martial pdf, 15kb
DE 89-13 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 14kb


Number Title Format
DE 88-01 Florida Corporations: Registering as Political Committees or Committees of Continuous Existence pdf, 14kb
DE 88-02 Method of Qualification by Nonpartisan Candidates pdf, 157kb
DE 88-03 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 17kb
DE 88-04 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 15kb
DE 88-05 Obtaining List of Registered Voters pdf, 12kb
DE 88-06 Sunland Center Residents Registering to Vote pdf, 13kb
DE 88-07 Contributions to Candidates by Political Committees pdf, 14kb
DE 88-08 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 15kb
DE 88-09 Municipal Recall pdf, 15kb
DE 88-10 Removing Electors from Registration Rolls/Providing Lists of Registered Voters (Obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 88-11 Voter Identifying Information (Obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 88-12 Candidates pdf, 14kb
DE 88-13 Election Costs pdf, 15kb
DE 88-14 Resign to Run pdf, 14kb
DE 88-15 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 15kb
DE 88-16 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 88-17 Corporation Registering as a Political Committee pdf, 15kb
DE 88-18 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 16kb
DE 88-19 Contributions and Expenditures of Political Committees pdf, 14kb
DE 88-20 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 88-21 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 15kb
DE 88-22 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 17kb
DE 88-23 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 15kb
DE 88-24 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 88-25 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 88-26 Obtaining List of Registered Voters pdf, 14kb
DE 88-27 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 16kb
DE 88-28 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 88-29 Computer Access to List of Registered Voters pdf, 14kb
DE 88-30 Grouping of Candidates on Ballots pdf, 14kb
DE 88-31 Verifying Initiative Petitions pdf, 15kb
DE 88-32 Witnesses on Absentee Ballot (rescinded) pdf, 15kb
DE 88-33 Political Activities by Candidates for Political Office pdf, 12kb
DE 88-34 Change of Residency pdf, 12kb
DE 88-35 Candidate Purchasing Advertisement from a County Executive Committee pdf, 12kb
DE 88-36 Residency Address of Voter Registration Records pdf, 11kb
DE 88-37 Voting When an Elector Has Moved (Obsolete) pdf, 12kb
DE 88-38 Restoring Name to Voter Registration Records When the Elector's Status Has Not Changed pdf, 14kb
DE 88-39 Joint Fund Raiser pdf, 11kb
DE 88-40 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 13kb
DE 88-41 Computation of Time (rescinded) pdf, 13kb
DE 88-42 Absentee Balloting pdf, 11kb
DE 88-43 Surplus Campaign Funds Being Used as an Office Account pdf, 12kb
DE 88-44 Voter Registration Cards pdf, 13kb
DE 88-45 Sections 106.011(1) and 106.03, F.S. pdf, 17kb
DE 88-46 Municipal Recall pdf, 11kb
DE 88-47 Appointment of Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar pdf, 10kb
DE 88-48 Political Committees pdf, 12kb


Number Title Format
DE 87-01 Political Committees: The Florida Bar; Registration pdf, 14kb
DE 87-02 Municipal Elections; Ballots and Counting of Ballots (Obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 87-03 Indian Rocks Special Fire Control District Elections; Withdrawal of Candidate pdf, 14kb
DE 87-04 Municipal Recall pdf, 13kb
DE 87-05 Purchase of Nonpartisan Advertisement in Partisan Publication by a Judicial Candidate pdf, 17kb
DE 87-06 Microfilming Inactive Voter Forms or Cards (Obsolete) pdf, 16kb
DE 87-07 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded in part, see DE 88-03) pdf, 14kb
DE 87-08 Remuneration for Registering to Vote pdf, 16kb
DE 87-09 Special District Election Qualifying Dates pdf, 14kb
DE 87-10 Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) pdf, 16kb
DE 87-11 Removal of Treasurer pdf, 13kb
DE 87-12 Resign-to-Run pdf, 14kb
DE 87-13 Local Option Sales Surtax Referendum pdf, 13kb
DE 87-14 Special District Elections pdf, 14kb
DE 87-15 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 87-16 Verification of Signatures on Petitions (rescinded in part, see 91-01) pdf, 14kb
DE 87-17 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 12kb
DE 87-18 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 87-19 Number of Signatures Required in Single Member Districts pdf, 12kb
DE 87-20 Absentee Balloting pdf, 16kb


Number Title Format
DE 86-01 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 16kb
DE 86-02 Statutes - Convicted Felons' Voting Rights; Duties of the Supervisor of Elections (Obsolete) pdf, 17kb
DE 86-03 Resign-to-Run; Position without Salary pdf, 16kb
DE 86-04 Resign to Run pdf, 20kb
DE 86-05 Poll Watchers; Political Committees and Other Groups and Organizations pdf, 14kb
DE 86-06 Ballot Name; Use of Nickname pdf, 16kb
DE 86-07 Resign-to-Run Law; City Attorney; Attorney for Community College Board of Trustees pdf, 14kb
DE 86-08 Resign-to-Run pdf, 14kb
DE 86-09 Resign to Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 86-10 Candidate; Campaign Treasurer Reports; Surplus Funds Reports; Applicability of Section 106.07, Florida Statutes To Disposition of Surplus Funds Reports Under Section 106.141, Florida Statutes pdf, 14kb
DE 86-11 Judicial Officer; Merit Retention; Reporting Requirements pdf, 14kb
DE 86-12 Candidates: Polling Places pdf, 14kb
DE 86-13 Polling Place; Public Buildings Requirements pdf, 16kb
DE 86-14 Campaign Finances; Political Advertisements; Media pdf, 14kb
DE 86-15 Campaign Contributions; Limitations; Corporation Owned by a Candidate pdf, 15kb
DE 86-16 Supervisor of Elections; Voter Qualifications; Residence, Use of Affidavits; Authorization (Obsolete) pdf, 16kb
DE 86-17 Political Committees; Counties; County Task Force; Registration pdf, 16kb
DE 86-18 Resign-to-Run Law; Mayor's Aide pdf, 16kb
DE 86-19 duplicate of DE-18 pdf, 16kb
DE 86-20 Political Advertisements; Disclaimer; Exemption; Combs and Nail Files pdf, 14kb


Number Title Format
DE 85-01 Qualifying for Special District Office pdf, 18kb
DE 85-02 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 85-03 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 85-04 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 85-05 Extraterritorial Power of Supervisor of Elections pdf, 19kb
DE 85-06 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 18kb
DE 85-07 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 27kb
DE 85-08 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 85-09 Board Members pdf, 16kb
DE 85-10 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 15kb


Number Title Format
DE 84-01 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 15kb
DE 84-02 Resign-to-Run Law Members of Appointed Boards or Authorities Serving Without Salary pdf, 17kb
DE 84-03 Resign-to-Run Law; Teachers pdf, 17kb
DE 84-04 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 84-05 Resign-to-Run Law; Member of Downtown Development Authority pdf, 16kb
DE 84-06 Resign-to-Run Law; Deputy Supervisor of Elections (rescinded) pdf, 17kb
DE 84-07 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 84-08 Resign-to-Run Law; Use of Paid Vacation pdf, 14kb
DE 84-09 Resign to Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 84-10 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 84-11 Registration of Municipalities as Political Committees pdf, 13kb
DE 84-12 Residence Requirement for a Deputy Supervisor of Elections pdf, 16kb
DE 84-13 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 84-14 Solicitation of Endorsements by Candidates for Judicial Office pdf, 17kb
DE 84-15 Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Depository; Resign to Run (rescinded) pdf, 24kb
DE 84-16 Voting by Absentee Ballot pdf, 26kb
DE 84-17 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 16kb
DE 84-18 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 16kb
DE 84-19 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 15kb
DE 84-20 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 16kb
DE 84-21 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 84-22 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 84-23 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 15kb
DE 84-24 Resign to Run pdf, 16kb
DE 84-25 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 16kb
DE 84-26 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 84-27 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 26kb
DE 84-28 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 14kb


Number Title Format
DE 83-01 Responsibility of a Supervisor of Elections in Road and Bridge District Election pdf, 18kb
DE 83-02 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 18kb
DE 83-03 Campaign Accounts; Qualifying by Petition pdf, 15kb
DE 83-04 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 83-05 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 16kb
DE 83-06 Delivery of Absentee Ballot pdf, 21kb
DE 83-07 Political Advertising - Things of Value Section pdf, 16kb
DE 83-08 Independent Contributions to an Issue Campaign pdf, 17kb
DE 83-09 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 17kb
DE 83-10 Loans to Campaign Accounts Less Than 5 Days Prior to an Election pdf, 29kb
DE 83-11 Private Financing of a County Referendum Election (See DE 13-06) pdf, 16kb
DE 83-12 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 29kb
DE 83-13 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 16kb
DE 83-14 Municipal Electors pdf, 17kb
DE 83-15 Deputy Sheriff as Clerks and Inspectors; County Canvassing Board; Poll Watchers "At Large"; Age Requirements to Preregister and Vote pdf, 21kb
DE 83-16 RE: Contribution from Campaign Account to P.C., C.C.E or Another Candidate pdf, 17kb
DE 83-17 The Polling Place and Physically Handicapped or Disabled Electors pdf, 16kb


Number Title Format
DE 82-01 Legal Expense Fund Committee; Municipal Recall: Campaign Financing Act pdf, 16kb
DE 82-02 Residency Requirement School Board Member pdf, 16kb
DE 82-03 Referenda pdf, 26kb
DE 82-04 Polling Place (obsolete) pdf, 28kb
DE 82-05 Recall Petition pdf, 14kb
DE 82-06 Campaign Contributions pdf, 31kb
DE 82-07 Committees of Continuous Existence: Loans pdf, 20kb
DE 82-08 Credit Cards pdf, 20kb
DE 82-09 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 26kb
DE 82-10 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 19kb
DE 82-11 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 20kb
DE 82-12 Political Polls pdf, 20kb
DE 82-13 Polling Advertisement and Paraphernalia pdf, 25kb
DE 82-14 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 20kb
DE 82-15 Political Activity pdf, 511kb
DE 82-16 Campaign Contributions pdf, 19kb
DE 82-17 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 14kb
DE 82-18 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 21kb
DE 82-19 Dual Qualification; Democrat and Republican pdf, 19kb
DE 82-20 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 20kb
DE 82-21 Party Change pdf, 21kb
DE 82-22 Qualifying (partially rescinded) pdf, 20kb
DE 82-23 Radio/Television Commercial Endorsement; Multiple Candidates pdf, 16kb
DE 82-24 Personal Loans to Candidates pdf, 15kb
DE 82-25 Campaign Finance Report; Certification; Oath pdf, 20kb
DE 82-26 Resigning Commissioner's Authority to Sit at Commission Meeting pdf, 22kb
DE 82-27 Special District Elections and the Election Code; Freeholders Who Are Not Registered Electors pdf, 21kb


Number Title Format
DE 81-01 Resign-to-Run Law Applicability to Member Planning and Zoning Board pdf, 12kb
DE 81-02 Poll Watchers and Recall Committees pdf, 15kb
DE 81-03 Term of Office for Incumbent Superintendent of Schools(Obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 81-04 Recall Petition pdf, 11kb
DE 81-05 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 15kb
DE 81-06 Committee Chapter 81-312, Section 1, Laws of Florida pdf, 15kb


Number Title Format
DE 80-01 Undue Burden Oath pdf, 12kb
DE 80-02 Declaratory Statement pdf, 16kb
DE 80-03 Declaratory Statement pdf, 12kb
DE 80-04 Financial Disclosure (obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 80-05 Resign-to-Run Law Highway Patrol Officers (rescinded) pdf, 23kb
DE 80-06 Mandatory Leave of Absence (obsolete) pdf, 12kb
DE 80-07 Application to District Offices pdf, 14kb
DE 80-08 Deputy Sheriffs; Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 12kb
DE 80-09 Resign-to-Run Law; High School Principal pdf, 11kb
DE 80-10 Resign-to-Run Law; Deputy Sheriffs (rescinded) pdf, 12kb
DE 80-11 Resign-to-Run Law; Deputy Sheriffs (rescinded) pdf, 13kb
DE 80-12 Resign-to-Run Law; Police Officers (rescinded) pdf, 13kb
DE 80-13 Resign-to-Run Law; City Clerk of Lake Butler (rescinded) pdf, 14kb
DE 80-14 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 12kb
DE 80-15 Special District Office Candidates pdf, 12kb
DE 80-16 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 16kb
DE 80-17 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 12kb
DE 80-18 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 12kb
DE 80-19 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 11kb
DE 80-20 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 12kb
DE 80-21 Resign-to-Run Law (rescinded) pdf, 11kb
DE 80-22 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 12kb
DE 80-23 Resign-to-Run Law; Supplemental Opinion Relating to DE80-16 pdf, 12kb
DE 80-24 Municipalities Regulation of Employees pdf, 12kb
DE 80-25 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 12kb
DE 80-26 Recall pdf, 12kb
DE 80-27 Residence Requirement for a County Commission Candidate pdf, 14kb
DE 80-28 Resign-to-Run Law Special District Office pdf, 14kb
DE 80-29 Use of Party Name pdf, 12kb
DE 80-30 Party Executive Committee; Residency pdf, 30kb
DE 80-31 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 12kb
DE 80-32 Referendum Election - Error in Legislative Act pdf, 16kb
DE 80-33 Advisory Opinion Section pdf, 12kb
DE 80-34 Section 101.161, F.S. (1979), As Amended by CHP. 80-20 Laws of Florida pdf, 14kb
DE 80-35 Resign-to-Run Law pdf, 12kb
DE 80-36 Resign-to-Run Law (obsolete) pdf, 15kb
DE 80-37 Resign-to-Run Law; Assistant State Attorney (rescinded) pdf, 16kb
DE 80-38 Resign-to-Run Law; Finance Officer (obsolete) pdf, 16kb
DE 80-39 Municipal Recall pdf, 13kb
DE 80-40 Access to the Polls for the Blind and Handicapped pdf, 14kb


Number Title Format
DE 79-01 Furnishing List of Registered Voters pdf, 13kb
DE 79-02 Political Advertising; Rates Charged Candidates pdf, 12kb
DE 79-03 Pollwatcher Designations pdf, 12kb


Number Title Format
DE 78-01 Qualifying for Municipal Office; Financial Disclosure (rescinded) pdf, 15kb
DE 78-02 Furnishing List of Registered Voters (obsolete) pdf, 12kb
DE 78-03 Furnishing List of Registered Voters; Restriction Thereon pdf, 14kb
DE 78-04 Training of Deputy Sheriffs for Election Duty pdf, 13kb
DE 78-05 Testimonial Affair pdf, 13kb
DE 78-06 Campaign Loans (obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 78-07 Random Sampling Application to Constitutional Amendments Cost of Verification pdf, 17kb
DE 78-08 Time of Appointment of Campaign Treasurer, Designating Depository Accepting Contributions pdf, 16kb
DE 78-09 Straw Ballot - Special District pdf, 13kb
DE 78-10 Change in Polling Place (obsolete) pdf, 12kb
DE 78-11 Applicability of State Election Code to Special District pdf, 14kb
DE 78-12 Campaign Contributors pdf, 15kb
DE 78-13 Campaign Contributors; Limitations pdf, 15kb
DE 78-14 Cancellation of Voter Registration Resignation pdf, 14kb
DE 78-15 Special Act in Conflict with Election Code pdf, 14kb
DE 78-16 Voter Identification pdf, 14kb
DE 78-17 Resign to Run Municipality Effective Date of Resignation pdf, 12kb
DE 78-18 Qualifying by Alternative Method Governor/Lt. Governor pdf, 14kb
DE 78-19 Residency Requirements; County Commissioner pdf, 13kb
DE 78-20 Purged Voter; Reinstatement pdf, 14kb
DE 78-21 Financial Disclosure Required of Candidates (rescinded) pdf, 19kb
DE 78-22 Freeholder Requirement to be a Candidate Port Everglades Authority pdf, 17kb
DE 78-23 Contributions In-Kind pdf, 17kb
DE 78-24 Municipal Recall: Petition Requirements pdf, 13kb
DE 78-25 Resign-to-Run Application to Sheriff pdf, 14kb
DE 78-26 Candidate Qualification Political Party Affiliation pdf, 19kb
DE 78-27 Voter Residency pdf, 16kb
DE 78-28 Candidate Withdrawal; Procedure; Receipt of Contributions; Disposition of Funds pdf, 16kb
DE 78-29 Municipal Recall; Petition Signature Verification pdf, 14kb
DE 78-30 Candidate Residency; School Board; Qualification pdf, 16kb
DE 78-31 Candidate Qualifications; Circuit Court Judge; Bar Membership; pdf, 14kb
DE 78-32 Special Districts; Sewer District; Road and Bridge Tax District; Application of Election Code to General Law; Elector Qualifications; Candidate Qualifications; Candidate Qualifications Procedures; Canvassing pdf, 26kb
DE 78-33 Campaign Contributions; Limitations; State-wide Issue Political Committees pdf, 15kb
DE 78-34 Judicial Candidates; Attendance at Political Party Functions pdf, 16kb
DE 78-35 Political Committees; Contributions; Affiliated Organizations pdf, 18kb
DE 78-36 Political Advertising; Items of Value; Contributions pdf, 18kb
DE 78-37 Campaign Contributions; Proceeds from Sale of Property pdf, 15kb
DE 78-38 Candidates; Special Districts; Qualifying for Multiple Offices pdf, 22kb
DE 78-39 Contribution and Expenditure Reports; Times for Filing by Less Than Statewide Candidates Unopposed for Nomination (obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 78-40 Delivery of Campaign Contributions pdf, 14kb
DE 78-41 Contributions; Political Committees; Limitations; In-Kind Contributions pdf, 16kb
DE 78-42 Contributions; Political Committees; Campaign Depositories pdf, 15kb
DE 78-43 Political Advertising; Use of Political Party Name pdf, 13kb
DE 78-44 Candidate; Time of Election When Unopposed; Campaign Contribution; Deadline for Receipt of Contribution (obsolete) pdf, 20kb
DE 78-45 Campaign Contributions; Deadline for Receipt (obsolete) pdf, 15kb
DE 78-46 Campaign Funds; Surplus Funds; Campaign Loans (obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 78-47 Expenditures; Disposition of Funds pdf, 14kb
DE 78-48 Municipal Recall; Application of General Law pdf, 14kb
DE 78-49 Committees of Continuous Existence; Contributions to; Income pdf, 17kb
DE 78-50 Disposition and Retention of Campaign Funds pdf, 14kb


Number Title Format
DE 77-01 Resign-to-Run pdf, 14kb
DE 77-02 Campaign Authorization Voucher (Obsolete) pdf, 9kb
DE 77-03 Municipal Recall Petitions pdf, 10kb
DE 77-04 Voting Machines (Obsolete) pdf, 9kb
DE 77-05 Precinct Boundaries pdf, 13kb
DE 77-06 Polling Places and Precincts (Obsolete) pdf, 10kb
DE 77-07 Precinct Boundaries pdf, 10kb
DE 77-08 Armed Services Absentee Registrant (Obsolete) pdf, 10kb
DE 77-09 Municipal Recall pdf, 11kb
DE 77-10 Independent Expenditures pdf, 13kb
DE 77-11 Effect Upon Election of Unqualified Candidate (rescinded) pdf, 10kb
DE 77-12 Voting Equipment Approval (Obsolete) pdf, 12kb
DE 77-13 County Executive Committee Officers' Terms pdf, 10kb
DE 77-13a County Executive Committee Officers' Terms pdf, 10kb
DE 77-14 Use of Party Name pdf, 10kb
DE 77-15 Political Committee Funds (Obsolete) pdf, 9kb
DE 77-16 Poll Lists Registration Rolls pdf, 9kb
DE 77-17 Petitions for Qualifying Alternative Method; Independents pdf, 14kb
DE 77-18 Municipal Recall (Obsolete) pdf, 10kb
DE 77-19 Campaign Expenditures and Accounts pdf, 12kb
DE 77-20 Municipal Elector Qualifications pdf, 11kb
DE 77-21 Residence for Registration pdf, 10kb
DE 77-22 Post Election Expenditures (Obsolete) pdf, 10kb
DE 77-23 Reinstatement pdf, 14kb
DE 77-24 Political Committees (Obsolete) pdf, 13kb
DE 77-25 Place of Voting by Electors Changing Residence pdf, 10kb
DE 77-26 Designation of Office by Candidate pdf, 9kb
DE 77-27 Campaign Contributions (Obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 77-28 Elector Address Changes pdf, 14kb
DE 77-29 Duplicate of DE 77-28 pdf, 14kb
DE 77-30 Use of Voting Equipment pdf, 10kb
DE 77-31 Poll Watchers Designation pdf, 10kb
DE 77-32 Voter Registration Closing of Books (Obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 77-33 Political Committees Report Filing Dates Special Referendum Election pdf, 13kb
DE 77-34 Voter Registration of Naturalized Citizen pdf, 12kb
DE 77-35 Resign-to-Run pdf, 34kb
DE 77-36 Municipal Election - Campaign Treasurer pdf, 9kb
DE 77-37 Application of Election Code to Municipal Election pdf, 16kb
DE 77-38 Elector's Change of Name (Obsolete) pdf, 11kb


Number Title Format
DE 76-01 Closing of Registration Books (Obsolete) pdf, 14kb
DE 76-02 Overseas Citizens Voting Rights Act pdf, 17kb
DE 76-03 Political Committees pdf, 11kb
DE 76-04 Resign to Run Law pdf, 16kb
DE 76-05 Voter Registration Computer Tape or Disc (Obsolete) pdf, 20kb
DE 76-06 Judicial Endorsements pdf, 16kb
DE 76-07 Closing Registration Books (Obsolete) pdf, 16kb
DE 76-08 Overseas Citizens Voting Rights Act (DE 76-02)(Obsolete) pdf, 12kb
DE 76-09 Voter Registration Tapes and Discs pdf, 17kb
DE 76-10 Candidate Deposit in Campaign Account pdf, 11kb
DE 76-11 Judicial Elections and Endorsements (Obsolete) pdf, 13kb
DE 76-12 Contribution from Candidate to Another Candidate pdf, 11kb
DE 76-13 Convicted Felon's Voting Rights (Obsolete) pdf, 11kb
DE 76-14 Polling Places pdf, 12kb
DE 76-15 Qualifying Fees for Property Appraisers pdf, 16kb
DE 76-16 Absentee Ballot Applications (Rescinded) pdf, 11kb
DE 76-17 Polling Places: Solicitation of Opinions pdf, 17kb
DE 76-18 Preregistration: Eighteen Year Olds pdf, 17kb
DE 76-19 Judicial Candidates pdf, 11kb
DE 76-20 Use of Party Name pdf, 13kb
DE 76-21 Endorsement By Organization Newspaper (Obsolete) pdf, 13kb
DE 76-22 Qualifications to Register pdf, 11kb
DE 76-23 Judicial Contributions; Judicial Speeches; Political Displays Near Polls pdf, 27kb
DE 76-24 Reports; Enforcement (Obsolete) pdf, 23kb
DE 76-25 Financial Reports, Schedule (Obsolete) pdf, 13kb
DE 76-26 Resign to Run, Enforcement pdf, 11kb
DE 76-27 Contributions pdf, 12kb
DE 76-28 Political Committees and Political Contributions pdf, 12kb
DE 76-29 Restoration of Names to Books (Obsolete) pdf, 13kb
DE 76-30 Absentee Ballot Elector's Certificate (Obsolete) pdf, 18kb
DE 76-31 Committee of Continuous Existence pdf, 17kb
DE 76-32 Presidential Write-Ins, Electors (Obsolete) pdf, 12kb
DE 76-33 Poll Watchers pdf, 19kb
DE 76-34 Qualifications to Vote in County Election pdf, 13kb
DE 76-34a Succession in Office pdf, 10kb
DE 76-35 Broward Municipal Election, Filing Dates and Book Closings pdf, 20kb