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Music from the Sunshine State

Music from the Sunshine State is a series of radio programs that presents for the first time a sample of the traditional music of the people who call Florida home. Florida's population is one of the most culturally diverse in the fifty states, and this rich diversity is reflected in the music made and enjoyed by Floridians. The music presented in the series ranges from seldom-heard archival field recordings from the 1930s to high-fidelity digital recordings made in the artists' communities and selected commercial recordings. Interviews with the artists, which provide insights into the cultural contexts of the music, are included in each program.

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Folk Music Radio Categories

  • dick_sanft2.jpgFiddling Traditions
  • Mexican
  • Old-Time Country and Bluegrass
  • Pacific Island
  • Sacred Music
  • Blues: Roots and Branches
  • Cuban
  • Caribbean 

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