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National Register Review Board

Members of Florida's National Register Review Board

Mrs. Marion M. Almy
(prehistoric archaeologist)
Sarasota, FL

Founding Principal and President of Archaeological Consultants, Inc., Mrs. Almy's 26 years experience in archaeological and architectural/historical investigations extends throughout Florida. A Registered Professional Archaeologist, Director of the American Cultural Resources Association, past President of the Florida Archaeological Council, she formerly chaired both the Florida National Register Review Board and the Florida Historic Preservation Advisory Council. She is a current Board member of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Florida State University and a Master's degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in cultural resource management from the University of South Florida.




Mr. Rick Gonzalez, AIA
(preservation architect)
West Palm Beach, FL

Rick Gonzalez, AIA, founded REG Architects, Inc., with his father Ricardo in 1988. Rick holds two architectural degrees from the Catholic University of America and has studied design in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Italy. He was Chairman of the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design, and is actively involved with community organizations such as the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation and the Palm Beach County Cultural Council. His association with high-profile projects like Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club, the 1916 Palm Beach County Historic Courthouse, and "The Harriet" at City Place, has led the firm to numerous awards for historic preservation and downtown redevelopment.

Dr. Clifford E. Smith, Jr., RPA
(historical archaeologist)
Venice, FL

Dr. Clifford E. Smith was hired by the City of Sarasota on December 26, 2006, to develop a historic preservation program, to promote historic preservation within the city, and to be a resource to the public interested in historic preservation. He currently serves as a member of the Historic Preservation Board for Sarasota County, a member of the Coalition for Historic Preservation, and Chairman of the Board for the Sarasota Municipal Employees Credit Union. In his previous position, Dr. Smith was Deputy Director of the Bermuda Maritime Museum - Chief of Operations and charged with the restoration of the 19th century museum buildings, the fort's six and a half acres grounds, and its battlements. As the Museum's Director of Archaeology and Conservation, he was responsible for a number of projects both on land and underwater completing Phase I surveys through Phase III excavations on sites dating from the 17th to the 19th century. These projects were used as training opportunities for the hundreds of students, interns, and volunteers that went through the various programs offered. In addition to historic restoration and archaeological projects; Dr. Smith often acted as a consultant to the British Government, Bermuda Government, and the West End Development Corporation to address their Historic, Archaeological, and Conservation issues..

Ms. Ellen J. Uguccioni
(architectural historian)
Coral Gables, FL

Ms. Uguccioni is a Historic Preservation Planner with the city of Miami. She is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Miami School of Architecture, a member of the Florida Historical Commission, and serves as Chair of the Florida National Register Review Board. Ms. Uguccioni is former Director of the City of Coral Gables Historic Preservation Department and author of several books on historic buildings. She earned a Master's degree in Art and Architectural History from the University of Missouri.