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Children's Services Workgroup


Apply for the workgroup

Visit this link to apply. Applications are due by October 31, 2021.

What is the workgroup? 

Do you want to make waves in Florida? Do you have creative ideas and a passion for making things happen? FLYP wants you! 

Because we know how talented and valuable you are, we are asking you to help us build exciting new resources for Youth Services library staff throughout Florida. FLYP is forming a pilot workgroup to help identify and create fun tools and projects for staff across the state.   

Who can join the workgroup?

We are looking for Florida library staff who are passionate about working with children ages 5-11 and their families. 

Are you retired and looking for a way to stay connected? We'd love to have you, too! 

What is the time commitment? 

The workgroup will have a monthly, virtual meeting. Workgroup committees may need to meet separately to work on projects, resulting in a greater time commitment.

In an effort to create consistency, FLYP will open applications once per year for new workgroup members to join; however, if a member needs to withdraw or take a break, please reach out to the FLYP Consultant. We know how important it is to be flexible!  

This is volunteer-based. We encourage members to volunteer for tasks their schedules can accommodate. We know that unscheduled conflicts arise, but we ask that those who join the workgroup are able to be active. 

Why should I join? 

Participating in the workgroup offers an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on Youth Services library staff across Florida while contributing to projects that you find exciting and fulfilling.  

You will receive credit and recognition for the work you do that you can add to your resume and portfolio! 


This timeline is just a starting point for our pilot workgroup. As we work together, we can implement changes and refine our timeline to better suit our group needs. 

September - October

Workgroup application window.

Applications due: October 31, 2021.



First meeting! Welcome.


Discuss goals/priorities.

Establish meeting days & expectations.


Finalize goals/priorities.

Decide on at least two (2) initial projects.

Project committee signup.



Monthly Meeting

Committees hold at least one meeting prior to monthly meeting.


February - August

Monthly Meetings

Committees continue to meet and work.

May - Halfway point check-in.


September - October

Monthly Meetings

Evaluate the year’s accomplishments and discuss future goals and steps.

Evaluate projects.

Prepare for new members.


Goals & Projects

The workgroup is in charge! Members will establish goals at the start of each work year. From those goals, the group will create a list of projects they will work on throughout the year. We can always add on projects if the workgroup has a brilliant idea (and we’re counting on it).   

Who chooses the projects?

The workgroup members! The FLYP Consultant is happy to provide some ideas, but ultimately the workgroup will decide which projects are a priority.

Do I have to be involved in every project?

Nope! Volunteer for the projects that make you buzz with excitement and the projects you know you can realistically commit to given your busy schedule. We do request that you actively participate in at least one project, though.

What are some examples of potential projects?

The workgroup will ultimately decide on the projects they pursue; however, some ideas could include literacy bookmarks, programming and resource toolkits and developing new statewide initiatives.

Is there room to add more projects throughout the year?

We like your style. Absolutely!

What happens if I volunteer and my availability changes?

Life happens and we completely understand that! We're a team, so if you need some backup on your tasks, just let us know.

Share information about the Workgroup

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