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Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute

Learn about the benefits of being a mentor in this video.

Mentoring Process

The Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute includes a formal, organized mentoring program. All participants are required to choose a career mentor.

A mentor may include someone in the library field - or not. The primary responsibility of the mentor is to assist the mentee in setting leadership career goals and mastering the competencies necessary to achieve them.

Your mentor should not be your direct line supervisor, nor work in the same building.


If you are interested in becoming a Sunshine State Library Leadership mentor, it is important that you:

  1. Only assume the role if you want to be a mentor and are willing to make the necessary time available.
  2. Conduct regularly scheduled discussions either online, by phone, or face to face (a minimum of once per month) with your mentee.
  3. Work with your mentee to design, implement and evaluate a library leadership project.
  4. Commit to a minimum of 10 months (October through July) of giving encouragement, inspiration, advice and corrective feedback; provide introductions to people who can help your mentee; and provide opportunities for your mentee to develop their leadership skills.
  5. Attend the first day of the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute in October and attend your mentee's graduation in July.

As a mentor, you will:

  1. Receive training at the first Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute session.
  2. Receive ongoing mentor role support from the Institute Coordinator at the State Library and Archives.
  3. Use electronic resources such as Institute wikis and listserv to share information and build professional networks.
  4. Have an opportunity to make a difference - relative to leadership development within Florida libraries.
  5. Receive recognition from colleagues, peers, and managers for active participation and leadership talent management support.
  6. Acquire new knowledge and skills from the mentee.

Mentor Criteria

  • Past or current director, assistant director, branch manager or comparable position within an organization, agency or business for five or more years
  • Past or current member of a local, state, or national board, task force, or committee
  • Experience working with city or county commissioners; state legislators; university deans, provosts, or presidents; or other high level decision makers

Mentor Letter of Interest

Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute mentors work one-on-one with their mentees to identify their professional development goals; provide guidance on the design, implementation and evaluation of a library leadership project; and master the Institute's leadership competencies.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please submit a letter of interest that includes the following:

  1. Contact information - name, title, organization, telephone number, email address
  2. Brief outline of your area of expertise based on the Institute's competencies
  3. Reason(s) you would like to mentor a Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute participant

We recommend that your letter be no longer than two pages. The letter will be available for program participants to review. It should provide basic information to help them decide whether they would like to explore the opportunity of forming a mentoring relationship with you based on their professional development needs.

Please submit your letter of interest to Jill Canono at [email protected]. In the subject line of the email, please write "Mentor Letter of Interest."

Contact Us

For additional information, please feel free to contact Dr. Canono by email or telephone at 850.245.6648.

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