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Foodways is a broad topic, encompassing the intersection of food in culture and history. Essentially, foodways are the cultural, social, and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food. Food is necessary for survival, but it is also an essential element of culture. Rituals and celebrations are often centered around food, from Florida's earliest peoples to modern society. Foodways are also impacted by the people doing the preparation. For example, women have always been deeply involved in the cultivation and preparation of food. In addition each culture or community in the state often had unique ways of producing, gathering, preparing, serving, preserving, and storing the foods that its members ate. A

Florida’s diversity is highly evident in the variety of foodways found throughout the state. Traditional dishes and cooking methods are often closely linked to the history of the people who prepare and enjoy the food. Florida’s Spanish, Greek, Minorcan, Jamaican, Cuban, and African American populations are just a few groups whose culinary customs have been folded into the state’s collective food culture.

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