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Document Image Inquiry Help

The Division of Corporations digitally stores documents as TIFF and PDF files.

Our imaging system contains:

  • Fictitious name registrations, corporation UBRs, and annual report filings since January 1996.
  • All other corporate database filings since November 1997.
  • All general and limited liability partnership filings.
  • All judgment lien filings.

TIFF Files

  • TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format.
  • TIFF is an industry standard for archiving image files.
  • The format allows multiple layers of data to be stored within a single file.
  • We specifically use TIFF because it allows us to collect every page in a document without creating multiple files.

Viewing TIFF

  • Your computer uses the “.tif” and “.tiff” extensions to handle opening a TIFF image.
  • Most built-in photo viewing programs on Windows and Apple computers are capable of opening this file type. However, it is possible for other programs or plug-ins to override a computer’s default settings, preventing you from properly opening the TIFF.
  • If you are having trouble viewing a TIFF image, consult your computer’s user guide or warranty provider.

PDF Files

  • PDF stands for Portable Document Format.
  • This file format allows you to view, navigate, print and forward an electronic image.
  • PDF files are created and viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Looking for older documents?

  • Prior to electronic imaging, documents filed with our office were microfilmed.
  • These documents are only available by contacting the Division of Corporations.
  • Submit all requests for copies of documents not available online in writing or in person.

For more information about obtaining document copies, call 850.245.6053.