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Constitutional Amendments

Changes to the Florida Constitution can be proposed by a joint resolution of the Florida Legislature, citizens’ initiative process (see handbook below), the constitutional revision commission, or the taxation and budget reform commission.

Proposed amendments require 60% approval from voters to pass [see Florida Constitution, Article XI, Section 5(e)].

Announcement: The 2017-2018 Constitution Revision Commission has submitted its Final Report which also includes the eight sets of proposed revisions to the Florida Constitution. The Division of Elections has formally assigned ballot position numbers as follows:

CRC Revision Ballot Designation No.
Revision 1: Rights of Crime Victims; Judges 6
Revision 2: First Responder and Military Member Survivor Benefits; Public Colleges and Universities 7
Revision 3: School Board Term Limits and Duties; Public Schools 8
Revision 4: Prohibits Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling; Prohibits Vaping in Enclosed Indoor Workplaces 9
Revision 5: State and Local Government Structure and Operation 10
Revision 6: Property Rights; Removal of Obsolete Provision; Criminal Statutes 11
Revision 7: Lobbying and Abuse of Office by Public Officers 12
Revision 8: Ends Dog Racing 13

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