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Grant News 

FY2023 Application Cycle

Special Category

The Florida Historical Commission will review and score eligible FY2023 Special Category grant applications on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. to conclusion. The meeting will be extended to the morning of Wednesday, September 29, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. to conclusion, if additional time is needed.  

This public meeting will be conducted via webinar and in-person. The staff of the Division of Historical Resources will present summaries of their technical review of each application. Commissioners may direct questions to applicants during the webinar, and staff recommends that a representative be available on the webinar or in-person to represent their proposed project and answer any questions. No presentations may be given by applicants, due to time constraints. The applications will be reviewed by their application review number (numbered geographically, from Escambia County in Northwest Florida to Monroe County in Southwest Florida).

Advance registration for webinar participation is recommended. Register for the webinar by clicking this link:

Additional registration information can be found here.

Small Matching

The Small Matching Grant Panel reviewed and scored eligible FY2023 Small Matching grant applications on August 24, 2021. The Small Matching Final Ranking Lists below were approved by the Secretary of State and will be recommended to the Legislature for funding. Additional information on the grant funding process can be found in the Small Matching Grant Guidelines.

Funded Lists per fiscal year:


  • Final Grant Funding FY2022

FY2022 Small Matching Funded Project List (pdf)

FY2022 Certified Local Government Funded Project List (pdf)


  • Final Grant Funding FY2021

FY2021 Small Matching Funded Project List (pdf)

FY2021 Certified Local Government Funded Project List (pdf)


  • Final Grant Funding FY2020

FY2020 Small Matching Funded Project List (pdf)

FY2020 Special Category Funded Project List(pdf)

FY2020 Certified Local Government Funded Project List (pdf)


  • Final Grant Funding FY2019 

FY2019 Small Matching Funded Project List (pdf)

FY2019 Special Category Funded Project List(pdf)

FY2019 Certified Local Government Funded Project List (pdf)


  • Final Grant Funding FY2018

FY2018 Small Matching Funded Project List (pdf)

FY2018 Special Category Funded Project List (pdf)

FY2018 Certified Local Government Funded Project List (pdf)


  • Final Grant Funding for FY2017 

FY2017 Small Matching Funded Project List (pdf) 

FY2017 Special Category Funded Project List (pdf) 

FY2017 Certified Local Government Funded Project List (pdf)

Historic Preservation Grants Program Overview

The Historic Preservation Grants Program allocates state funds appropriated by the Legislature and federal funds apportioned to the state by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, for the preservation and protection of the state's historic and archaeological sites and properties. The program is administered by the Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State and is governed by rules in Chapter 1A-39, Florida Administrative Code and Section 267.0617, Florida Statutes.

Two types of grants are awarded through this program: Small Matching Grants and Special Category Grants. Please see the respective pages for further information. 

Those eligible to apply for grant funding include state agencies, state universities, non-profit organizations, units of local government, cities, towns, and counties. Private property owners are not eligible for state grant funding from the Department of State’s Division of Historical Resources.

Grant Contract, Payment and Record Requirements

For grants recipients and potential grant recipients; please review and be familiar with the State requirements and guidelines for allowable project costs as outlined in the Department of Financial Services' Reference Guide for State Expenditures (pdf)

Past Grant Award Search

To view past Bureau of Historic Preservation Grant Awards, visit the Division's Historic Preservation Grant Recipients Search page.  

To view past Department of State Grant Awards, visit the Department's Grants History Online Search Tool (GHOST). 

Grants Contact

[email protected]

Physical Address

Historic Preservation Grants Program
Division of Historical Resources
R. A. Gray Building, 4th Floor
500 S. Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

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