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Grant Program Contacts

Grants information: [email protected]
All other inquiries: [email protected]


Contact the following for questions related to:

Artist Projects 850.245.6459
Arts in Education w/ Artist Perf on Tour 850.245.6325
Community Theatre 850.245.6356
Cultural Facilities 850.245.6299
Dance 850.245.6475
Endowments 850.245.6299
Fast Track 850.245.6459
Literature 850.245.6356
Local Arts Agencies 850.245.6475
Media Arts 850.245.6356
Multidisciplinary 850.245.6325
Museums 850.245.6459
Music 850.245.6351
Presenter 850.245.6475
Professional Theatre 850.245.6356
State Service Organization 850.245.6475
Traditional Arts 850.245.6356
Underserved 850.245.6356
Visual Arts 850.245.6459

Grants Technical Support

For any technical questions related to the online grants system or logging in, contact the Division of Arts and Culture at 850.245.6470.