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Louinès & Lucrèce Louinis

2016 Florida Folk Heritage Awards

Louinès & Lucrèce Louinis

Born in Vieux-Bou D’Aquin, Haiti, Louinès Louinis was first introduced to traditional Haitian rhythms as a young child at informal community gatherings where drummers and dancers performed. After moving to Port-au-Prince, the talented young artist was invited to join a community dance group where he continued to learn from master artists and grow as a performer. Eventually, Mr. Louinis was named the principle dancer and choreographer for The National Folkloric Troupe of Haiti and toured internationally. He later moved to New York, where he began his teaching career and established the influential Louinès Louinis Haitian Dance Theater in 1975. In 1981, he was joined by talented dancer and storyteller Lucrèce Louisdhon who shared his passion for traditional culture.

Born in Petionville, Haiti, Lucrèce grew up studying ballet and folk dance. She moved to New York to pursue her degrees at St. John’s University, and after meeting Louinès, joined the Haitian Dance Theater which took her across the United States, Canada, and Cuba. In 1998, the couple relocated to Florida where they continued to teach and create youth programs with a focus on literacy and cultural exchange. For over three decades, Louinès and Lucrèce Louinis have served as tireless cultural advocates, promoting Haitian music, dance, and story nationally. Together, they are recognized as pillars within South Florida’s Haitian community.