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Florida Folklife Program

Who We Are & What We Do

Florida Folklife is...


...traditional expressive culture shared within the various groups in Florida: familial, ethnic, occupational, religious, and regional. Expressive culture includes a wide range of creative and symbolic forms such as custom, belief, technical skill, language, literature, art, architecture, music, play, dance, drama, ritual, pageantry, and handicraft, which forms are generally learned orally, by imitation, or in performance, and are maintained or perpetuated without formal instruction or institutional direction."— Section 267.021(6), Florida Statutes

The Florida Folklife Program, a component of the Florida Department of State's Division of Historical Resources, documents and presents the folklife, folklore, and folk arts of the state. The Florida Folklife Program (FFP) coordinates a wide range of activities and projects designed to increase the awareness of Floridians and visitors alike about our traditional culture.

Contact Information

Amanda Hardeman, State Folklorist
[email protected]

Phone 850.245.6427 or 800.847.PAST


Bureau of Historic Preservation
R.A. Gray Building, Fourth Floor
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250