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Constitutional Amendments

Changes to the Florida Constitution can be proposed by a joint resolution of the Florida Legislature, citizens’ initiative process (see handbook below), the Constitutional Revision Commission, or the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission.

Proposed amendments require 60% approval from voters to pass [see Florida Constitution, Article XI, Section 5(e)].

Constitutional Amendments or Revisions 2 - 7 and 9 - 13 each received at least 60% approval from voters in the 2018 General Election. Unless otherwise specified in the Florida Constitution or the amendment or revision, the amendment or revision takes effect January 8, 2019.

Constitutional Amendment Resources

  • Initiatives, Amendments, and Revisions Database
    • Database contains former and currently proposed constitutional amendments or revisions
    • Click “Passed/Defeated” for status on the amendments or revisions that appeared on the 2018 General Election ballot
  • Initiative Petition Handbook