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Constitutional Amendments

Initiative Petitions

  • Paid Petition Circulator
    • To circulate petitions as a paid petition circulator, visit the Initiatives website to register online and access petition forms.
    • Attention: Registration to circulate petitions as a paid petition circulator is different from registration to collect voter registration applications as a third-party voter registration organization (3PVRO). While a person can do both activities, the person still has to register separately with the State beforehand. Please note if registered to conduct both activities that only persons who are already registered to vote can sign an initiative petition. To register as a 3PVRO, visit our 3PVRO webpage
  • Volunteer Circulator
    • To circulate an initiative petition form as a volunteer or to sign a petition as a voter, visit the Initiatives Website and click on “Forms” to view/download petition(s) you wish to circulate or sign.
  • Initiative Petition Handbook - 2018 Election Cycle
  • For questions or assistance, contact [email protected].


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