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Advisory Opinions

Who May Request an Opinion?

By law, the Division of Elections shall provide advisory opinions to a supervisor of elections, candidate, local officer having election related duties, political party, affiliated party committee, political committee, or other person or organization engaged in political activity, relating to any provisions or possible violations of Florida election laws the person or entity has taken or proposed to take. 

Legal Effect of an Opinion

The Division of Elections provides a historical database of advisory opinions for reference purposes only. An advisory opinion represents the Division’s interpretation of the law applicable at the time the opinion is issued, as applied to a particular set of facts or circumstances, and is binding solely on the person or organization who requested the opinion. A previously issued advisory opinion may or may not apply to your situation depending upon your particular facts and circumstances and the current state of applicable law. Therefore, before drawing any legal conclusions based upon the information in this database, you or an attorney engaged on your behalf, should refer to the current Florida Statutes, rules adopted by the Division of Elections, and applicable case law.

Opinions Databases