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Third-Party Voter Registration Organizations

The current law and procedures that apply to third-party voter registration organizations are found in Rule 1S-2.042 (eff. 12-5-12) and based on the 2012 federal court order.

3PVRO Database - Contains a list of of all active and withdrawn third-party voter registration organizations

What is a Third-Party Voter Registration Organization (3PVRO)?

A third-party voter registration organization is any person, entity, or organization that collects any voter registration application, but does not include:

  • a person who seeks only to register to vote or collect a voter registration application from that person’s spouse, child, or parent; or
  • a person engaged in registering to vote or collecting voter registration applications as an employee or agent of the Division of Elections, supervisor of elections, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, or an official voter registration agency.

How do I register as a Third-Party Voter Registration Organization (3PVRO)?

  • Prior to collecting applications, any person or entity must register as a 3PVRO. To register, the person or entity must submit Form DS-DE 119 (English PDF / Español PDF) as an email attachment in PDF format to [email protected] or fax the form to the Division at 850.245.6291. Upon approval, the Division will assign the 3PVRO an ID#.
  • Attention: Registration as a 3PVRO is different than registration to circulate petitions as a paid petition circulator. While a person can do both activities, the person still has to register separately with the State beforehand. Please note if registered to conduct both activities that only persons who are already registered to vote can sign an initiative petition.
    • To register as a paid petition circulator and/or for information about initiative petitions, visit the Initiatives website.

How do I update or withdraw my registration status as a Third-Party Voter Registration Organization (3PVRO)?

A 3PVRO must use Form DS-DE 119 (English PDF / Español PDF) to update or withdraw its registration. The form must be submitted as an email attachment in PDF format to [email protected] or faxed to the Division at 850.245.6291. 

Who do I contact for more information?

The Division of Elections' 3PVRO Coordinator at:

3PVRO Resources

  • 3PVRO Overview (PDF)
  • Form for Supervisors of Elections to account for distributed and returned voter applications by third-party voter registration organizations (DS-DE 124)
  • Form for Supervisors of Elections to report non-compliance by a third-party voter registration organization (DS-DE 148)
  • Form to register as a third-party voter registration organization (DS-DE 119)
  • Form to submit complaint against a third-party voter registration organization (DS-DE 121)
  • Reference guide regarding third-party voter registration law and rule (DE Guide 0012-updated 12/2019)