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In January of 1923, the African-American community at Rosewood, Florida, was destroyed in a fiery racist attack. Published information about the incident is not abundant. The following sources have been helpful in answering reference requests about Rosewood.

  • Report to the Legislature: A Documented History of the Incident Which Occurred at Rosewood, Florida in January, 1923.  
    This report may be borrowed through interlibrary loan, or viewed online through the State Library's catalog. 
  • House Judiciary files (reports, audio and videotapes of hearings)
    • Available at State Library and Archives. 


D'Orso, Michael. Like Judgment Day: The Ruin and Redemption of a Town Called Rosewood. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1996. F975.977D718

Book Articles

  • Jones, Maxine D. , McCarthy, Kevin M. "The Rosewood Massacre, January 1923," in African Americans in Florida, pp.83-84.
  • McCarthy, Kevin M. "Rosewood", in Black Florida, pp.254-257.

Internet Sites

Remembering Rosewood - a website approved by Rosewood Family Members. 
Includes pictures of the survivors, information about the Rosewood Scholarship and bus tours.

Virtual Rosewood - utilizes the latest video game technology to bring the story of Rosewood to a new generation. 

Journal Articles

  • Dye, R. Thomas. "Rosewood, Florida: The destruction of an African American community".Historian : A journal of History, Spring 1996, v58 n3 p605-622.
  • Finan, Eileen. "Delayed justice: The Rosewood story". Human Rights, Spring 1995, v22 n2 p8-9.
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  • Taylor, John. "The Rosewood massacre". Esquire, July 1994 v122 n1 pp.46-53.
  • "Florida Legislature to pay $2.1 million to victims of 1923 racist massacre in Rosewood". Jet, April 25, 1994 v85 n25 p12.
  • "State of Florida to award each Rosewood massacre survivor $100,000 or more".Jet, Jan. 16, 1995 v87 n10 p18. 

Legislative History

  • Florida House bill HR 27-B, 1993 Funding a grant to investigate destruction of Rosewood.
  • Florida House bill HR 813, 1993 Compensation for victims of Rosewood massacre.
  • Florida House bill HR 2425, 1993 Funding a grant to investigate destruction of Rosewood.
  • Florida House bill HR 5-D, 1994 Rosewood family scholarship fund.
  • Florida House bill HR 591, 1994 Compensation for victims of Rosewood massacre.*
  • Florida House bill HR 1359, 1994 Rosewood compensation fund and appropriation for erection of a monument.
  • Florida House bill HR 1923, 1993 Resolution commending Minnie Lee Langley for her courage in escaping from the Rosewood massacre.
  • Florida Senate bill SB 1452, 1993 Compensation for the victims of Rosewood massacre.
  • Florida Senate bill SB 2024, 1993 Funding a grant to investigate destruction of Rosewood.
  • Florida Senate bill SB 1752, 1994 Rosewood compensation fund and appropriation for erection of a monument.
  • Florida Senate bill SB 1774, 1994 Compensation for the victims of Rosewood massacre.*
  • Florida Senate bill SB 712, 1995 Rosewood family scholarship fund.

(* Denotes bills that were passed into law.) 

News Articles

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  • "In 1923, a white mob attacked a black town and wiped it off the Florida map".Tallahassee Democrat, Mar. 21, 1993. 
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  • "Unprecedented verification process begins". Tallahassee Democrat, May 9, 1994.
  • "Witness tells lynching story". The Orlando Sentinel, Mar. 27, 1994.

News Media

  • "Questions remain in 1923 massacre of blacks in Florida." From National Public Radio All things considered, Oct. 16, 1993 program n1272. For transcripts contact ASC Services
  • "Survivors of Rosewood, Fl, massacre compensated." From ABC World News Tonight, Apr. 8, 1994, Program n4070. For transcripts contact ASC Services


A documented history of the incident which occurred at Rosewood, Florida, in January 1923…v1-2. Tallahassee, Fla.: Board of Regents, 1993. F975.977s R818.

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